• Elvis was the true King for a reason yo...
  • michael jackson,,,for many reasons,,,,,he was so diverse in the way he sung,,,danced as well,,,,compeated with thousands of others singers ,,,has been singing since he was very young,,and has possibily had more hits,,,and probably appeals to a broader spectrum,,,age wise,,,
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      michael jackson didnt write music, sang like shit, masturbated LIKE A GIRL in front of children, SCREWED children in his bed. Yea, I guess youre right. He was GREAT!!!
  • I think Engelbert wins this one in my book...Tom Jones second and then Elvis... exclude the pervert.
  • Elvis....he opened the way for performing as MJ did.....but better singers? all 4 of these have their own unique voices.... kinds of music? Elvis learned from gospel and rythm and blues mostly.... Elvis OPENED a lot of doors and many ENTERED....... so , in that RESPECT , he will always be considered KING ..... all singer artists leave a LEGACY...
  • I think that Tom Jones had the best singing voice, and his show was exciting, but Elvis had an extra measure of appeal and excitement that put him at the top of this list.
  • Well they were all different so it mostly gets down to personal appeal. All had voices though Michael Jackson ended up being more a performer than a singer. Humperdinck was a singer but never really performed as far as I recall. Jones could be a lot more multi-faceted as a singer but I doubt many people knew that. His performance like Presley's was more natural and seemed less worked-out. I guess thinking back I more enjoyed Tom Jones perhaps because he was popular when I was growing up. Humperdinck back then mostly older people listened to. Not that I heard that much of Tom Jones either, or that I think he had a better voice than Presley or Humperdinck.
  • Elvis.
  • Michael Jackson hands down. As a performer he was unmatched.
  • 5-13-2017 Well, Englebert Humperdink was the primary export of England for a while, and none of those other names ever reached that level.

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