• You are forced to listen to Yanni's music while watching "Beethoven" sequels. :)
  • im too paranoid to find out. i quit doing that years ago. it would be my luck to get caught. i read an article this 60 old year woman was getting sued for 250,000 cause her grand daughter used her pc for downloading music. i guess download at ur own risk
  • The RIAA and similar organizations find you a truly excessive amount that far exceeds the actual value of the songs. They have not been doing this as much since it has created a backlash against them.
  • I do it from time to time. As long as you don't share a lot of music, nothing should happen. Death to the RIAA!
  • i dont really know but in holland downloading music peer-to-peer (NOT uploading) is legal
  • downloading isnt really prosecuted. Its the uploading of the files that most watchdog media companies look for.
  • Lately they threaten to fine you for an extreme amount of money in an attempt to scare you into not doing it anymore. Its like a cops and drugs. Cops dont care about the users and runners as much as the dealers and distributors. They tend to focus thier attention on bothering the distribution sites.

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