• I know adults who still call their parents Mommy and Daddy. I would rather that my child use whatever name he or she is comfortable with.
  • as long as it doesn't bother the mum, i don't see a problem with it. i'm 31 & i still call my grandparents mamal & papal. it's just an affectionate term & it is hard to break a 16, or 31, year habit.
  • well i am 20 and still occationally call my mom momma. if i want somethin or im scared its momma, if im mad or want her attention or im refering to her i call her mom. and she knows all with how i say it and the tone of my voice.
  • If the kid feels it's childish, s/he'll switch without anyone saying anything. That said, I'm almost out of college, and I call her Mom or Mommy depending. I've never had anyone think it was strange. Generally I'm not calling her mommy in causal conversation -- "when my mommy was growing up, she..." = no. Then I would say mom. But I will say "I love my mommy, she sent me a care package" or "My mommy put money in my account for my health insurance." Mostly when I'm acknowledging that she cares/is caring for me.
  • I don't see nothing worong with it I call my mum mummy some times and my nan nanny and im 20
  • My husband called his father Daddy until the day his dad died and still refers to him as Daddy. Let people call their loved ones what they want. It says nothing about your maturity or security, it's just endearing.
  • I'm 26 and still call my mom "momma"
  • I'm almost 25 and still call my mom momma and my grandma grammy!
  • never, you are never old to call you mum, mummy... i think it is so swt and lovable...
  • I call my Mum Mummy sometimes, or Mummily.
  • My boyfriend calls his Mom "mum" at the age of 18. I don't think he will stop. It is unusual, because he uses a British term of endearment and he is as American as can be and his family too.
  • i think i was about 15 when i started calling my parents mom and dad. instead of mommy and daddy
  • I tries calling my parents Mam and Dad when I was about 12, but it didn't suit and felt weird so I went back to Mammy and Daddy, and am 19 now and kinda call my mother and mixture of Mom and Mommy. Usually call my Dad Daddy, but sometimes Dad too. Think if it changes it will be natural and shouldn't become an issue.
  • In private it can always be mummy, mum, mommy, whatever is most affectionate to you two. If you feel uncomfortable with this in public, sit down and have an agreement as to what it should be in public. My grown daughter refers to me as "my mom" in public and "mommy" in private.
  • I don't care if my boys call me mom or mommy. Whatever one they feel more comfortable saying is fine with me. I still call them their nicknames sometimes too (my oldest is 22).
  • Just be glad they speak to you!
  • I think that whatever a child calls his or her parent is fine as long as the parent is comfortable with it ... IF not for some reason, sit down together and discuss it and then reach a solution as to what you will be called .
  • My mother is "my maternal DNA provider", and my daddy will ALWAYS be "my daddy". I hope my son always feels like he can call me "mama" or "Mommy". (Right now, he calls me "nightnight"... we're working on it. ^_^)
  • i dont see anything wrong with it
  • Whatever works for you two -- not everything is or should be open to vote.

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