• Depends on the nature of the decision. Generally the mind should rule. But there are times it's the heart's job.
  • Heart will keep you happy in the long run. No regrets! Mind is more practical.
  • Tough question, and I would immediately say mind. However, at the end of the day, it comes down to what kind of a person you are. Also it is important to ask yourself, will it be worth it, and that'll probably be your answer. If you can provide specifics, I would be glad to help.
  • Wisdom trumps the heart. Even if the heart says yes, one must heed the facts.
  • Both to avoid an argument.
  • follow your day they will both agree on something...
  • Both the heart and mind can be deceiving. People use your mind to trick your heart. The true meaning of the heart it the will to accomplish your goals. That is the right heart, the trustworthy heart. If you understand your heart, then your mind will be working in synch with you heart. Beware of people trying to manipulate your heart. That is when your mind is to be trusted so that you can be in control of your heart.
  • Personally I'd pray about it and ask God

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