• As far as I know, cigarettes are more harmful because of added agents, the fact that you inhale them and that they're addictive from the nicotene. If you inhale cigars, they can still be harmful, but I don't think quite as bad. In short, as long as you do not inhale, cigars are less harmful (once again, this is as far as I know).
  • It's a trade off.... Because cigar smokers don't typically inhale, they have a lower incidence of lung cancer and emphysema than cigarette smokers. But statistically, cigar smokers are more likely to develop cancer of the mouth, tongue, larynx than cigarette smokers. (source: USDH) Carcinogens are a natural by-product of the tobacco leaf's curing process. So how would you like your cancer?
  • People who smoke cigars inhale into their mouth, not their lungs. The smoke from coal and cigarettes go into the lungs. Possibly causing lung cancer.
  • I'm not sure which one is more harmful, but I do know that cigars have 70 times the amount of nicotine as cigarettes (if this helps you at all).
  • According to the stats the answer is yes. They are a pure cold burn, which means almost no smoke in the case of a "good" cigar. A friend of mine has written a book about cigars explaining exactly why he believes a cigar is less harmful. They are wrapped in leaves and "good" cigars are hand wrapped. Cigars do have nicotine which means the addictive element is much the same as cigarettes. A toothless smile could be the result of cigar smoking because the incidence of periodontal disease is higher than in the non-smoking groups. In the end Freud said "Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar." -------------------------------------- Risks of Cigar Use Compared to a cigarette, a large cigar emits 20X more ammonia, 10X more cadmium, and 90X more nitrosamines specific to tobacco. Cigar smoke contains more than 4,000 chemical components, including over 50 known human carcinogens. Cigar smokers have a 2-10X greater risk of oral, laryngeal, and esophageal cancers and a 5-11X greater risk of lung cancer than do non-smokers. Cigar smokers are 5X more likely to get emphysema than non-smokers. Cigars are also associated with coronary heart disease and the risk depends on the depth of inhalation and on the number of cigars smoked per day. Nicotine does not have to be inhaled to damage the heart and blood vessels. Mainstream cigarette smoke is slightly acidic. Mainstream cigar smoke is alkaline and therefore it is effectively absorbed into the blood stream through the oral mucosa. Cigar smokers have an increased risk of periodontal diseases (alveolar bone loss and tooth loss) similar to cigarette smokers. Cigar smokers often suffer from badly stained teeth and dental restorations, chronic bad breath, and impaired wound healing. Secondhand cigar smoke is more dangerous than secondhand cigarette smoke. A single smoking cigar in an unventilated room produces the equivalent air pollution of 42 burning cigarettes. The average cigar emits 3X as much carcinogenic cancer causing matter and 30X as much carbon monoxide as one cigarette. This secondhand smoke adversely effects the health of non-smokers including children, adults, and pets.
  • Actually, if you stick a cigar in your asshole and sqeeze (dont push) and jot down the results. Do the same with a cigarette and compare results. The one with the most burnt end is more harmful. Scientifically speaking of course...
  • Is a king cobra less harmful than a viper?

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