• I wouldn't guess she could need any more than $200. Also, it depends on how spoiled her friend is, and how wise your daughter is with money.
  • I would have her write a budget of how much she THINKS she needs, and then I would review it with her to plan how much I will actually give her. This is an excellent opportunity for her to learn to use a little math and budgeting for the real world. How much does gas cost? How many miles per gallon does the car get? What is her fraction of the gas? How much does a breakfast cost? Lunch? Dinner? Snacks? Souvenirs? Personal care items? Etc.
  • I assume you are talking about money. Depends on 1. What you can afford - no more than that. 2. What you feel comfortable affording - no more than that. 3. What you think she might need for spending money depending on the terms of the invitation - no less than that subject to 1 and 2. Keep the birthday separate. "We'll celebrate your birthday when you get back!" Don't get caught up in some sort of competition for "Look how much I got for my birthday!"
  • can you do 20$/day? that way she can maybe save a couple of days and take that family out too-dont forget the pay as you go cell phone
  • No money, she would have saved money from the jobs she had been working since the age of 12 or so. :)
  • I would send her with around $250. Good luck and I hope she has a great time! :o)
  • The amount of money she may need depends on the type of restaurants they will be going to. I always got to invite a friend to go along on my family's vacations and I was never aware that my guest needed to take money.
  • $1,500-2,500

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