• Keep religion out of government, period.
  • I disagree... I think that God belongs in government. As for he issue of a "real" god, well I have a real God in my life.
  • Keep religion out of government period. I don't want to end up like Iran or Saudi Arabia. And every believer thinks that their god is unmistakable to all humans, not everyone "gets it" yet though, according to them.
  • People would never except it as God, he/she would be catagorized as an alien that poses a threat and there fore must be nuetralized; so that part of the bible that explains our obvious reaction would come true, we would attack God; but you and I both would know its not god but a hostile aragant alien that would be met by force.
  • I'm all for seperation of state and church. It's not fair to choose one over another because in the end, everyone is just guessing and there's no need to put one religion's rules to control the masses of a state.
  • All types of people belong in government. Some people are religious, some are not. Therefore, a government of the people and by the people will necessarily be influenced by religion to some degree. Unless you'd prefer to have some shitty, elitist form of government, you should just deal with this fact and get on with life.
  • I'm not sure what the question is asking. Although if you're asking about everyone agreeing on one certain particular "god" or deity, I must tell you, that's completely, totally, and absolutely unrealistic and could never ever ever happen until Christ returns. Although by the time everyone can agree that God is God, it would be a little too late... And I agree with separation of Church and state. Let the state go on about it's own business. The state will do what the state will do, whereas the Church is eternal and not attached to any particular government or form of government.
  • Thats like the kinda sh*t they had back in the day....ALL BOW DOWN TO BAAL!!! HE IS THE 1 TRUE GOD!...
  • Echoing the others, keep religion out of government, period. It's just unhealthy.
  • True separation between church and state has never been attained by any government or society. Governments do not want a "real" god. They want a god that can be managed and manipulated to suit the needs of the state. A "real" god could not be managed by any individual or any government and would thus become an enemy of the state, because it would eventually threaten the existing political powers.
  • no!... keep religion out of government PERIOD !!!
  • Ummm, who are you to say there is no "real" God in the first place? And how do you know that all humans are intelligent enough to be able to comprehend God if he does exist? If something can exist in your thoughts, doesn't that make it "real" because it exist in thought? There, that should be unmistakable proof to anyone that he's real. Just because you don't believe he's real, doesn't make it so. God, or the concept of God, can only exist to those that believe in God. And it doesn't matter if you believe in God or not because people that do believe in Him will react to those beliefs, which will affect EVERYONE is the end regardless if they believe in God or not.
  • Sounds cool to me:0)
  • Be careful not to "outlaw" it. Those of us who believe in God have faith, which to us, is clearly and unmistakably true.
  • sounds like a good start to me, when can we implement this?
  • You will not find a god anywhere that will jump through hoops for you.USA's world image is strongly and permanently linked with religion anyway, particular in the middle east. How they view us is in part because of our dominant religion.
  • I have a better one... All atheists have to hold their breath until we develop something that makes their breath show all the time!
  • I find it ironic that those who demand the voice of God in government, are often refugees from governments that someone else's God had a very large role in. Agreed.

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