• Well said..
  • I think that's an excellent question! Some people believe that because he was accused, but NEVER CONVICTED, that he simply was "not" a pedophile. The reality is that it is much more difficult to get a conviction against a celebrity in California. Witness O J Simpson: He was acquitted in CA, but convicted in NV. +5
  • People like to think well of the dead. Some say it goes back to old traditions based on a fear of being haunted by the person's ghost - better maintain good relations! :)
  • Yea, amazing huh! Notice, Farrah Fawcet died also, it seemed there was a brief excerpt about her life and death. But MJ, they canceled a top scheduled weekly program to do an hour long 'tribute' to him. Sad who people chose to admire (almost worship) isn't it.
  • I have often wondered why that happens also... It wasn't too long ago that the majority of people were condemning him... Now he's dead, everyone loves him!
  • I think it makes us realize our own mortality and then we speak of them as we would want to be spoken about. I really hate it though. If anyone changes their opinion of me when I die, I'm haunting their asses.
  • You shouldn't get any We. That is always the way it goes down!
  • A basic lack of integrity! I’m pleased to say I’m still calling him all the things I was yesterday.
  • I hope you don't get any down rates... because it is a great question. Someone yesterday had a question about him (before knowledge of his death) and many were bashing him, I wondered to myself "how many people on AB are going to be praising and missing the 'king of Pop'?" So thank you for your question!
  • You hit the nail right on the head! I just refer to him as the unconviced child molester.
  • None from me. You are correct. This thing happens when people die. I guess it's because people don't like to disrespect the deceased, at least for a few days. In fact, 6 Connecticut radio stations are playing Michael Jackson music all day.
  • It seems to be a rule of etiquette. Perhaps the rationale is that the deceased can't defend him/herself against such accusations, but a living person can.
  • i think its fair to make a joke about the living, but its disrespectful to talk smack about the dead, especially so soon after their death. the dead cant defend themselves. as for the pedophilia, the last time i checked, the pedophilia was alleged, he was not convicted. to make mean jokes in the aftermath of his death would be in really poor taste. i dont see the people who changed their tunes as phony at all. we all know there are two sides to humans ~ the brilliant and the faulty. many of us view death as a time to celebrate the brilliance of each life ~ the spark they had and amazing contributions they made over their lifetime. although many were repulsed or found his later personal life amusing or bizarre, he also touched millions through his music and his performances. death is a time to remember those gifts, not laugh at the troubles of a human being. gifts are precious. hats off to everyone who paid their respects to michael and refrained from bad jokes.
  • I couldn't agree with you more. People love to pretend that anyone that dies is suddenly so much better then they were. -shrugs- An ass hat in death is still as much of an ass hat as they were in life, as far as I'm concerned.
  • No DR here. Nor mourning.
  • I agree 100%!
  • I think there is a sort of hands-off period so that friends and family can grieve without being kicked when they're down. . This is why what Phelps does with his protesters is so repugnant. God may or may not hate gays, but to show up to a funeral purely to upset the bereaved is probably among the very gravest attacks on etiquette possible. . Me, though, I feel I can trash him early and often. I don't know his family or friends and this is a relatively small forum.
  • ROFLMAO! My dad died in December. I had been telling a friend about it and that I wasn't mourning about it and he replied to me: "Just because someone dies doesn't make them a nice person." People are superficial. It's disgusting.
  • I do not think you will get many downrates at all for that!
  • Let's just say that the same people who would quickly, gladly & viciously DR if you asked a question favoring gay marriage, Atheism, Democrats, pro-choice or Palestine will be the down to rush over to DR. Nough said!
  • Lol well, I guess you're about to find out.
  • Let us not forget other situations of "obligatory phoniness", such as: "Hi, how are you?"; "No, go ahead of me--I don't mind!"; "I'll be happy to babysit for you!"; "You have a nice home, here!"; "I wish I had your: __(fill in the blank)__!"; "No thanks, I'm not hungry!"; "Have you been losing weight?"

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