• Summer time when the weather is good. Winter can be very miserable...
  • Go in summer which, by the way, lasts about 2 weeks.
  • Next month is the best time for catching summer, so long as it actually comes.
  • I had a friend who loved to go there in the spring and visit all the old churches and go to the countryside. But then another friend went there in the summer and had a good time too. Guess it just depends on which time of year is your favorite.
  • When it is not raining! LOL
  • Summer, if the weather is warm not miserable.
  • Summer, all 8 seconds of it!
  • anytime you can get there! :-) actually their seasons are very similar to ours, so I would suggest spring/summer/fall. winter can be rainy and/or snowy which means hardly any tourists so less crowded, but less condusive to sight seeing. enjoy!
  • I hear it's lovely in England at this time of the year
  • Right around now. Seriously, the middle to end of June is Wimbledon fortnight so its great! However, depending on your own personal opinion of the sport, try to visit during a large football competition (The European Championships or The World Cup) as the country goes football crazy until we loose on penalties in the quarter/semi finals.
  • Why on earth would you ever want to go to england when there are so many beautiful places to visit in the USA huh? huh? huh?
  • coming from london, i've always said it's august if you want to catch the best of the sun. it's a wonderful place when the sun shines.
  • never, england sucks major testicles, i shopuld know ive lived her since forever
  • why would you want to come here?
  • Merry month of May. You get the best of "English weather", the monuments to yourself, and the people more friendly. "Oh! to be in England, Now that spring is here; ..."
  • Anytime(only) when u have money.
  • Probably last month (June). Or next year! Not in 2012 though, I think even I will be out of England then....may escape to the US ;)
  • lol anytime of year is pot luck! These summer months have been pretty good to us this year. So around this time. But theres never any guarentee that its going t be nice here. Just bring a good brollie, a fashionable mac and some funky wellies and yourl be fine. Preperation is the key, and allways expect the
  • Anytime, the climate is mild, and the people are always friendly. Well, it get's hectic around the Christmas holidays - but that's to be expected isn't it?
  • it doesnt matter coz i guess u wont be coming here 4 the wether although may has prom got the most stuff goin on spec on may day
  • Now come and meet me lol Seriously if the weather stays sunny like it has for the last few days it would be fine but it depends on what you like doing?
  • ANY time you can! Weather is always changing, so can't pin point a time! And I've done some of my best sight seeing in the rain (you CAN dry off!) cuz everyone else was indoors! Summer can be miserable there as most places do not have air conditioning and when you are craving ice cubes, the Brits don't make 'em! Just got back from my third visit there and I love London!
  • England is a very beautiful country with a lot of history. Don't go in the winter cold and rainy. July or August are nice.
  • sometime in summer in around 2550, by then global warming will have really kicked in and the temperature may well be above 12 Deg C with any luck it may also have stopped raining too, but don't hold your breath on that one, might need to wait till the rest of the planet is a dust bowl before it stops raining in england. Then in about another 550 years you could try Scotland, if we havent drifted too far north due to tectonik plate movement, temperature could well be above 5 Deg C and if it's summer the rain will not be too heavy ; - )

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