• My first experience was much like this story. A large beast stuck in an uncomfortable hole wiggling around awkwardly.
  • I absolutely don't understand why you got dr and your second question. I always feel like myself LOL My first kiss (if you can call it a sexual experience) was when I was 13 at a house party with my first girlfriend. It was absolutely amazing. That opened up a whole new world for me. But my first actual sexual experience was about a year later when I was 14. I made out with these two girls who were a year younger than me and they were willing to have sex with me (or at least one of them for sure, the other one IDK possibly). But I decided not to and I was satisfied after my first handjob. Like I said, this was a one night stand, a random girl (but she did go to my grade school at least), and a different house party. And that's it. Are you asking out of boredom or out of curiousity???
  • We were two virgins with no clue what we were doing. We were very much in love with eachother. Although the act was very awkward the feelings of intimacy were very comfortable and natural.
  • Being masturbated by my brother who was 14 and I was 16 and masturbating him back As this was my first sexual experience it felt great
  • When I was 16 I got a job as a lifeguard in a local apartment complex. These two young girls came in, they were about 11 or 12 yrs old, one blond and one redhead but their parents didn't have membership tags. I told them I wasn't allowed to let them in; there was nothing I could do. Then the blond girl looked at her friend and said, "she will suck you cock if you let us in" "...really?" I asked. The adorable little redhead blushed bright red, smiled, and nodded. I said OK and all three of us went back to the changing rooms. When we got to the door I asked the blond girl if she was coming in too and she said, "oh yeah, I wanna watch" I locked the door, and I asked the redhead girl if she really wanted to do this. She smiled bit her lip and said, "Uh huh" So I dropped my trunks and sat down on a bench. The shy redhead came over and grabbed my cock and put the whole thing in her mouth and bobbed up and down for about 15 min. She kept looking me and her friend in the eyes to see if she was doing it right. Finally I started to cum, and I guess it caught her off guard because after the first spurt in her mouth she pulled away, and got a steam on her face; but most of it went on me. Her friend asked her how she liked it, and the redhead girl had an ear to ear grin when she said, "you were right, it is really good!" as she wiped my cum off her freckled face. The blond girl told her friend, "I wanna try it.." then she came over to me, and with her small hand, cleaned a big glob of cum off my softening dick. She put her fingers in her mouth and said "Mmmmm" while looking at me, "Not bad." Then the blond girl started walking to the door and said, "Oh well, thanks for letting us use the pool." Close behind her the little redhead girl turned around with a glowing smile and said, "Yeah...thanks!"
  • First experience: Quick and cute. Experience when I felt like myself: Very very nice.
  • it was short not because i was about to cum but we where at my friends couch doing it raw she was afraid to getting pregnant so we stop a couple months after that she was on the pill we've being talk for over a year by then and where every much in love it was beautiful we both where relaxed and went for hours doing a slow grind tight sweaty dripping all over or it was the juices from her then she clawed my back so i picked her up and put her on the wall she moaned and that turned me on even more so we fell to the floor and went wild we both climaxed at the same time we laid there not saying anything so i hugged her and she fell asleep in my arms the next day i woke her up with a kiss she smiled and we did it again wow i need to call her i miss her so much now
  • My first? Wam, Bam, Thank you 'Mam. Ah, but later, made love on the beach at midnight, for what seemed like hours.
  • I was scared. I was all by myself.
  • my first full sex was with a man old enough to be my father + I was 16, he taught me very much about technique I loved it, two other first, sex with my now husband was awesome, and the other first was a threesome with husband and another man. double awesome
  • my first was when I was 16, I mean full sex, he was 44, he taught me all I needed to know and by god he was a great teacher, my second first was with my husband in a threesome with another man, that was awesome
  • The first one I remember was being molested by my stepfather as a toddler. I was 2 or 3. He broke my hymen. It hurt and I got up and left! And I don't understand the rest of your question.
  • my first sexual experience going to full sex was when I was nearly 16, it was with a much older man, he was so gentle, our first penetrative sex was in the bath, I sat astride him and he held me by my ass and I had my hands on the edge of the bath so I had control over how much he entered me, soon it was all the way in, just a very small amount of pain not really enough to mention , he taught me nice and slow the pleasures of sex,
  • I lost my virginity to the entire "Tommy" album by "Who. I was a sophemore in college.
  • I was in my late teens and somewhat drunk on the night of my first sexual experience. When I woke up, the room was filled with sunlight. I was aware of the intensity of the light and the deepness of the sky and afternoon beyond the windows. I saw my partner laying next to me in bed with our clothes on the floor.

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