• When you work out the forces involved and the reaction times and skills needed, both race drivers and fighter pilots need the same level of fitness as athletes and game players anywhere. As to your last questions, what is "sport"? the original version of the world meant "having fun". I think racing drivers are part of people "having fun" by extreme achievement. Likewise some forms of flyin - but not all.
  • Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
  • Yes to all four.
  • Any test of skill or any competition is sport. Not all sports are ATHLETIC sports. Not all people who participate in sport are athletes. Not all athletes are sportsmen. Certainly all college and pro basketball and football players are athletes. All pro baseball pichers and bowlers have a unique skill but they may not always be athletes. Shuffleboard is a sport. Great question about fighter pilots and I can argue yes.
  • they are, unless they use texas catheters then screw um.
  • Yes, racecar drivers are atheletes. Fighter pilots are Athletes. A sport involves competition. Of course flying is a sport... Just because the person isn't indivdually exerting physical effort, doesn't mean that it isn't a sport. Chess is a sport... Most sports are more mental then they are physical. People use to believe a 4 minute mile was impossible until someone broke it... then everyone broke it.

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