• FIRST AND FOREMOST, STAY FAR THE HELL AWAY FROM SPIRIT AIRLINES!!! THEY STEAL LUGGAGE! Otherwise, you can never go wrong with American Airlines, but they're a bit pricey.
  • Well I hope all are safe..I travelled with a few and have had no problems..BA is one of the best..but, there are many I haven't used so its hard to say..
  • I have had really good luck with American Airlines ... mostly on time, professional/friendly employees, reliable baggage handling.
  • QANTAS look at the accident rate compared with EVERYONE else
  • any more suggestions here?
  • Delta seems to have the friendliest stewardesses and stewards as far as I am concerned.
  • Virgin blue are good, but tacky. see you have to pay for meals and tv and the whole shebang. Quantas is quite good tho coz the food is free, they have a huge TV for the whole plane to see + more on the back of the seats for probably only $20 more included in the flight price. :)
  • Continental Airlines. Good prices and decent service

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