• Once we did. I was part of a 'Shrink Team' and we had to fill out a collaborative worksheet about 'What if..' scenarios and come up with 2 ways to solve problems and work together. Then we discussed it. It was pretty stupid.
  • Yep. It was a sham led by a person reading from a book. More like a scripted event. We always had these trainers who had a script and couldn't answer anything that wasn't in the script.
  • I thought so one time...but ended up doing the whole project myself. (you see, some of the employees couldnt speak english)
  • Yes, I had two women that just fought like cats and dogs, they'd both been sleeping with the same guy, so I basically told him how to work them into a 3-some. After that they were pleasent to eachother,because neither wanted to loose him.
  • Only if you consider a round-table wine blending/evaluation team building :) Otherwise, nope.
  • Mostly when I was in the Army. Ever since then I have yet to see a workplace with any real team identity, playing silly psychology games does not do anything positive for me anyway.
  • At least one a year for the last five years, and never voluntarily. So far the exercises have not served to build teamwork. They just build dislike for useless inservice exercises.
  • Yes. Our entire company (40+ people) was flown down to the Bahamas one weekend, Friday to Sunday. We were split into two teams and raced America's Cup style yachts against each other. Everyone really liked it and enjoyed themselves.
  • I hated that psychological babble. It is a total waste of time and an indication that the company it too big.
  • Yea we went bowling and got drunk.
  • yes and i have organized such events...
  • I don't know if this would qualify as "team building". Many years ago at a company for which I worked we had a psychologist come in and gathered everyone together in our conference room. We were supposed to tell one another what we thought about each other..the purpose I suppose was to clear the air or bring us together! It backfired badly. Things were strained and nothing was ever the same after that. Happy Tuesday! :) ((hugs))
  • None of the standart raft making kind of team building exercises. Usually they have just been socials. Although we went bowling on a "team bonding" exercise. I came last - out of the whole work place. I was awarded a wooden spoon and became infamous =( Did not live it down!
  • yes, Our company does it every so often. The last one was good fun. There were about 50 of us and we were brought for an activity day out. There was lazerquest, sumo wrestling (in the hugh padded suits), gladiator style stuff, giant jenga... There were about 20 different activieies and I have to say that it worked as there are over 3000 in the company I work for and it helped get to know my team better. :)
  • Yes, waste of time if you ask me. Then again, I don't play well with others:)
  • They "require" us to partake in employee of the month/year presentations and cookouts. I try to get out of it when I can. Haven't been to one lucks running out.
  • I did in college. It was the biggest waste of time I've ever done.
  • There is no I in team...

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