• Ive never called them that and I dont like it when my neices do it to me.
  • Never have called them that, and even though I'm not officially an adult yet, I think it's safe to say I never will. I maitain calling most of my relatives by their first names, something that annoys them to no end.
  • Yep I still do and I probably will for the rest of my life.
  • I do in-fact call them Aunt and Uncle.
  • It would be disrespectful to call them anything else.
  • I did. They have all passed on now. My 31 year old nephew still calls me "Uncle Darryl" however.
  • I'm 23 and I do. It would seem wierd not to.
  • please delete.
  • Yeah, why wouldn't I? They are my uncles and aunts, so why not? My Aunt Karen even has Down Syndrome, but she's my aunt, so I call her Aunt Karen. Besides, that makes it clear about whom I'm speaking because I know a lot of other people with my relatives names.
  • Of course I do! If I didn't, it would be like not calling my mom and dad, mom and dad.... just weird! Besides, it is kind of a form of respect and familiarity.
  • Yes. They are my elders and its a show respect. So- definatly.
  • i used to as a kid and probably did well into my twenties. Over the last few years however I decided it's appropriate for children but not adults. Think of it this way. If you have nieces and nephews you don't call them "niece Jennifer" or "nephew Joseph" so why should you address your aunts and uncles that way when they aren't addressing you that way. It's kind of a silly thing that many people don't seem to be able to let go of. I guess you could call it a habit. Neither one really feels totally comfortable to me but I would rather talk to adults the same way they talk to me instead of perpetuating some instilled set of traditional titles leftover from childhood. Yes, it is considered respectful for children to do it but at some point the respect issue becomes irrelevant. I mean how often do most of us see our aunts and uncles anyway?
  • yes still i do.:)
  • May I answer from the other side of the fence? My wife's nephew and nieces are in their 50s (I'm 62) and they INSIST on calling me uncle Brian, yet they call my wife by her name, one of them even calls her mother by her first name when she is talking about her. We have a very close family friend and whenever I refer to him by his name to my son he always asks, "Who, UNCLE Paul?". It's all very strange.
  • I sure do, and shall till I pass on, and I'm 50 soon to be 51. My oldest niece calls my Aunt shes almost 20. Its a tradition from probably way back longer than anyone can remember. Back to when all folks respected each other, helped their fellow man etc, etc.
  • I sure do!
  • there are some that are really close to my age i dont (never have) but the rest ya, its like starting to call ur mom or dad by their first name, u just dont
  • The only uncle I have (that I've met) died when I was very young, but we still refer to him as Uncle Richard. I have met my husband's uncles and we use the title for them as well. I have noticed that my sons don't really use the titles for any of our extended family members. They refer to my sisters as the parent of their cousins, "Kenny and Michael's mom", "Tony's mom" or to grandparents by "Your mom" or "Dadda's mom" etc. I think with having so many 'steps' in the family that things have gotten out of hand and they just can't keep up with all the family connections very well. My poor oldest son has 5 great grandparents still living and 13 grandparents!
  • Yes I sure do and my niece still calls me Aunt even though we are only 10yrs apart in age.
  • Only when referring to them, not when in their company.
  • yesir!
  • ...I do. I feel like it'd be wrong to change it now. I've called them Aunt Lisa and Uncle Kenny and Aunt Pam and Uncle Dean and Uncle Fay for nineteen years. I almost feel like it would be an insult to them if I were to call them just Lisa or Kenny. I guess it all depends on the family and the upbringing...
  • Some of them...
  • I do. Especially during the holidays when their favorite niece is in need of a new laptop.
  • Yes, it's habit and natural for me to do so.

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