• I'm specifically looking for a type of impersonation that Homeland Security would investigate, not another enforcement agency. I'm gathering book ideas and a Homeland Security agent is a key character, but I'm having trouble coming up with a type of impersonation to specifically get Homeland Security involved, and not other agencies.
  • US Marshall?
  • Possibly a US Marshal. It cannot be terrorism related and cannot be a violent crime. It must be purely fraud or something similar. I'm thinking some sort of impersonation of a government official, but it cannot be a TSA agent. I'm thinking maybe someone impersonating an IRS agent and defrauding people by "filing their taxes" for them or giving false tax advise. But I'm thinking that in reality, the FBI would investigate that, not Homeland Security. My second idea is someone that is claiming to be a Hurricane Katrina victim, but who is actually defrauding FEMA (a subsidiary of Homeland Security) out of relief funds. Would that get an investigation by Homeland Sec, or the FBI, or both? I'm liking both ideas, but I could use others. It must be a crime that others could get unknowingly involved in because they think the person who is committing the crime is legitimate and everything is legal and true.

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