• no but if you can prove to a judge when she dies that it was orced you could argue it or even now but honestly if she signed it it was probably not force
  • Definitely unfair, but I don't know if you have any legal right to prevent it.
  • To be fair it was your moms decision. He bought 1/2 as was paid to her. Maybe she needed the money, remember he only owns 1/2. And he did pay for it.
  • Life isn't always fair. Your mother had the right to do whatever she wished with her property. He bought half of her house, probably because she needed the money. Regardless of her reasons, it was her choice to make. Don't whine about it, it makes you appear greedy.
  • It may not be fair, however, I do not think you can do anything about it. If his name is on half the deed, then it is a "done deal." If him and your mom are both happy with the transaction, then I don't think any of you have a legal "leg to stand on."
  • Go see a lawyer, a lot is going on here that hasn't been said. But technically both parties involved were adults so no they didn't have to discuss anything. However it would've been the prudent coarse of action to avoid this moment you were having right now. I hope something is resolved.
  • The siblings have no expectation of anything that belongs to their parents. Your Mother is allowed to dispose of her assets as she sees fit. If she wants to give/sell 1/2 of her home to your brother, there is nothing you can do about it. If you could prove in court that your mother was incompetent and the brother used undue influence you might have a case. I'm sure a lawyer would be glad to take your money to help you try.
  • Half was sold for $250,000. & he is paying HER $1,300. but she doesn't have $250,000. that she sold it to him 4. Doesn't make sense to us.We feel he forced her hand cuz he would pressure/curse & say she was selfish to us.Meantime he began changing house for his tastes not ever asking her.House is valued at $650,000.He's getting away with this.

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