• Yes! The crime committed should determine the punishment. Not the age of the person. Everyone acts different at all ages, just because you're 8 years old don't mean you'll "act" 8 years old. And who's to say exactly how an 8 year old acts?
  • Adult prison? - Should never be done. Youth Corrections - With total revision of EVERY Youth Corrections codes in ALL 50 states and sincere rehabilitative's all good. I believe the parents of these children should be required by law to undergo psychiatric evaluation and take appropriate measures to ensure a safe environment for the children upon returning home (or even a safe environment for the parents themselves). Some of these children are incredibly violent and the parents must be protected, too. The priority, of course, is the children.
  • It depends on the crime, of course, but generally speaking I'm not in favor of it. Once you put a child in prison, you've pretty much lost him. There aren't a lot of positive influences or experiences in prison. And you scar his future, which only makes it that much harder for him to walk a straight line. I think there has to be more education and effective alternative programs for kids.
  • if you do the crime you should do the time!!! regardless of age
  • Children who commit serious crimes go to young offenders intitutes some of which are secure. If the child poses a danger to others then we should realise that they should not be allowed to mix with the community or with other children. I do not beleive in punishment for children as they cannot be expected to take on adult responsibilities, but I do beleive that parenting should be considered and if the parenting is partly responsible then that should be looked into. I also beleive in keeping these people out of mainstream society in some cases for the safety of others.
  • A Childrens facility is perfectly fine, yes, they should have to face the consequenses of their actions, I believe they need to have forced family counseling to be able to deal with the situation better..
  • I think it's always wrong to punish kids. Not because they are kids, but because it's not democracy. They are breaking the laws decided by a parliament they are not allowed to vote for. Sure you can send them to youth corrections to protect other peoples from their actions (adult prisons are no place for kids).
  • It's been very profitable for the owners of private detention centers and to the Judges who received millions of dollars in kickbacks for sentencing kids to them. Even "crimes" like making a prank myspace page got kids locked up:

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