• For people who don't know how to actually DISCUSS it without arguing, yes.
  • Religion is a private matter. There are just too many people in the world who want to make sure that their private matter is right.
  • You can't make religion purely a private matter because that would mean never talking about religion. It is an important part of peoples lives. People should be allowed to practise their religion in private and in public. To rephrase: Religion should be a personal choice. ----- I do not think that people should push their atheism or their religion onto others.
  • Religion could be private but Bible teaching should not, Jesus set us a great example, good Job he never kept quiet isn't it. If someone truly is willing to share Bible truth not tradition with another person for no material gain, then thats how it should be, following jesus example is always a good option.
  • Yes. Let people believe whatever they want, but religion should not dictate what should be the law.
  • 5-2-2017 I think people should learn what they are talking about before they expose their position. The bible uses the word 'religion' four times and all four emphasize that it is made up by men telling each other what to do. That is what governments do, but people are shocked by the suggestion that government=religion. But that is exactly what the bible says. It's in Luke 4:5-6 if you want to read it in your own bible.
  • Aside from Christianity it always has been a private matter unless a politician wants to score some points. Outside Christian era Europe no one has ever made state religion quite so genocidal a task.

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