• The same way as you would on any other computer. if you mean how can you get round the search filters and page blockers that your school have put on MySpace, the answer is you don't. They obviously don't want you using the site in school, so why not just go with that? You can always go to a library or use your home computer (if you have one) to access MySpace.
  • yes, you need a proxy: or
  • hey man, i dunno i keep trying, and i have the sme prob..... ill kepp you posted.
  • are you serious!!! your school won't let you onto myspace either. Crazy!!
  • Well, i live in fresno and the whole FRESNO UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT (yuck) blocked myspace so i know there was a link but they blocked that too :(
  • I don't bother, i'm just happy i can access AB in school, you wouldn't believe what stuff they filter as porn on that system, its just silly.
  • Disable their block outs and filters and the security program.
  • Alien proxy or if your like me take the network to China
  • go on to it is a good site that unblocks most sites. to the system it is as if though it was a document so they will not be able to easly block it. :D

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