• I don't collect just to collect. I get guns to shoot. I have built guns from parts, I have rebuilt guns from demilled parts in combination with parts I have made. I really don't have a favorite caliber. I like shotguns, bolt action rifles and semi-automatic rifles. My current focus of interest is .50bmg rifles and reloading.
  • I like to shoot my mini-14(.223 cal) and my beretta 9mm
  • I have friends that reload but I just try an pick up a box of shells every pay day at wal mart
  • I collect C&R firearms on an irregular basis 'cause I'm a cheapskate at heart. My prized firearm is a SMLE in .303Brit that was made in 1915 and has no importer marks on it. My GOTH weapon is a Yugoslavian SKS with integral night sights. My truck gun is a Mosin-Nagant M44 carbine. I try to keep up with them all, but the one I shoot the most is a Ruger 10/22 that was given to me because .22LR ammo is still the cheapest game in town (right after my .22 Crosman air rifle).
  • my favorite gun to shoot is the double action .357 revolver. it's just a fun, easy to handle gun. my husbands favorite would be his magnum research 45/70 BFR. at four and a half lbs it is way too much gun for me and shoots a six inch flame out the front. he's taken deer with it for the last three years.
  • I collect mostly old military rifles. I've got a Lee-enfield No. 1 Mk III which is by far my favorite. It shoots a .303 round. I've also got a Mosin-Nagant M44 (7.62x54), a Mini14 GB (the kind that was meant for police, but not the full auto version. it's .223), a Jungle Carbine copy that I can't figure out the caliber to, a Steyr 1896 (Big 8x50something round) and a .50 caliber dueling pistol I built from a kit. In a nutshell, I like my guns big, old, and classy.
  • First of all I believe the study of firearms is fascinating. The manufacturing land development of guns parallels all manufacturing,considering the development of metallurgy, machining, mechanics, etc. Firearms and other weapons have had a major impact on the world throughout history. But I've always been more interested in shooting and hunting than just collecting for the sake of collecting. But if you hunt, and spend enough years, and save carefully, you will naturally accumulate quite a few guns. Begin with a .22 long rifle in rifle, bolt or pump or auto...your choice. Then get a .22 LR handgun, either revolver or auto. Then get a shotgun, probably a 12 guage auto (less recoil, better chance of hitting). Then a good varmint rifle, say a 22/250 and/or a deer rifle like a .243 or .280. Then a bigger, more powerful rifle like a 7mm Rem Mag or one of the .300 mags. This pretty well covers the Americas, North and South. Definitely learn to load your own rifle and pistol ammo and consider shotshell reloading as well. This is the route I've taken over the years and I've had lots of fun, done lots of hunting.
  • I am a hunter, and I have several rifles for different game. For rabbits, squirrel, quail and such small game, I use a Mossberg .22 Long Rifle semi-automatic rifle. For varmints, I have a custom .22-250 bolt-action with 12 Power telescope. It has a premium FN action and a Douglas premium barrel. I also use a Mannlicher Schoenauer bolt-action in .243 Winchester with 8 power scope. For deer to elk, I use a Sako "Finnbear Deluxe bolt-action in .300 Winchester Magnum with a 3-9 power scope. For elephants, I have a custom left-handed Weatherby "Mark V" in .460 Weatherby Magnum. I do not use a telescope on such a huge rifle. My former neighbor who was 6'-0", 260 lbs. shot it, and the fierce recoil knocked him back three steps. He did not wan to shoot it again. I calculated that its recoil was over six times as much as a .30-06. I also have some handguns from .22 LR to .500 Linebaugh. The latter handgun kicks three times as much as my .44 Magnum Smith & Wesson "Model 29".
  • I shoot guns for fun and I reload ammo too. I only buy .22 shells, because they are rimfire, and I can't reload them. I shoot shotguns for clay pigeons, .22s to train and entertain kids and grandkids, and I own a .45 acp and a .357 revolver. I also own a few hunting rifles but I quit hunting quite a few years ago. Now I just use them for target practice. I cast all the bullets that I use too, except for my 7.62x39. I buy bulk projectiles that are jacketed to load that one with. I load for a 45-70 rifle, a .44 mag carbine and a .38/.357 revolver and leveraction carbine too.

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