• It really depends upon HOW the property was left to you all. They SHOULD HAVE been paying their share of the taxes, that is only right and fair. You would do best by checking with a Real Estate Attorney for the area in which the property is located. You can also bring it up with your sister (s) and tell them, (also providing it in writing) THIS is how much the taxes have been for the past nine years, that I HAVE PAID without any contributions from YOU! I would like you to either pay me what you should have been paying, OR I would be willing for you to sign over your share of the property to me now. I would say, PLAN on the strong possibility that this is NOT going to go over will with them. Often those who shirk responsibility such as this, become "hurt and angry" when they are asked to "pony up" what is fair. Good luck! Check with an Attorney first, you may as well know what your legal options are, before you wade in and piss them off. Hopefully, she/they will be delighted to sign it over, you've assuredly done your part to protect the land.

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