• It's not you. We are afraid to approach women, they carry guns now
  • Probably shy or afraid of rejection..but not afraid
  • I'm not afraid, but my g/f made the first move. I think that the notion the guy should make the first move is ridiculous.
  • I dunno. Lots of guys do seem to be cowardly these days. I've seen plenty of guys in high school who would talk the talk, but could NEVER talk to any girl they liked. Such things crack me up. But in college, I don't see any of that really. I don't really see any guys talking smack either. Usually they'll just talk to whoever. I personally have no problem talking to someone I'm interested in. Although, at the same time, I don't think it's the guy that should make the first move. It doesn't really matter. But yeah, not all men are "afraid" of women, although lots of the guys that aren't "afraid" of women definitely aren't worth your time. At all. Same could be said of some of the guys that are a little too shy...
  • Im certainly not afriad to make the first move. I mean, how else would I meet someone? And if I saw you in a crowded room I'd make it a point to make the first move.
  • Be friendly, be approachable. If you feel uncomfortable, maybe they do too.
  • bigger question, why do guys have to approach the girl? why can't a girl approach a guy?
  • Yeah we are, by and large. Women are absolutely LOUSY at making themselves approachable. Women also have unrealistic expectations these days... I'm sorry ladies, but the perfectly romantic, wealthy, funny, attractive, masculine yet tender, silly yet serious guy is a myth. We're just not like that. After hearing numerous women say "I like so and so, but he doesn't make enough money" and so on, we realize that we can never possibly live up to the fantasy guy that exists in your head. I'm lucky that my GF isn't like that, but most of the women I've dated were. Basically ladies, you're doing it to yourselves. By constantly falling for the jerks, the rich guys and the players, the rest of us are just plain sick of the game. It's YOUR turn to make the first move. It's the guys that ARE a little afraid of approaching you that are the ones worth dating!
    • mushroom
      It's all part of nature: sing the song, do the dance and show your resources/fitness. If that intimidates you, get a cat.
  • Just thank those women that totally bash and embarass men that actually build up the courage to talk to a women, then get shot down in the worst way. For some women, a simple "No thanks" isn't enough, they have to act extremely cocky. That's one reason why men don't approach women.
  • Maybe they don't want to be accused of sexual harassment for making "unwanted advances."
  • its not just you, guys wont approach me either

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