• You must be like me. i think my eyeballs spit or something. it seems like if i can see with them on i really shouldn't need them, but I can't see even through the spit without them. ;)
  • May be its glasses are like that...or you must be going through some area like smoke and dirt there..
  • Question is how do you clean them? If in the dishwasher you have to use a rinse aid and they will clean without streaks & spots. Also, no offense, if the glasses are old they will never look 100% clean. Try buying real crystal, they are easier to clean & will always sparkle!
  • If the lenses are plastic, they may be full of small scratches. I was told you should never use kleenex on them, because of the miniature fibres in them... (remember, kleenex started out as a tree!). A soft clean cloth works best, usually the type that comes with a new pair of glasses.
  • most likely pollution in the air from vehicles,,,thin mist of oil that floats in the air,,,,,have the same problem,,,,more so when in the city,,,,,
  • I think its the same gremlin that's always smearing my computer screen too. I can clean it and two seconds later its smudged.
  • I wear reading glasses from time to time and have the same problem.
  • This happens to me too! My dad is always amazed at how dirty my glasses are, he wears glasses too and cleans them every morning, but I'm a little lazy so I clean them like once a week or so, and he's like "how can you even see through them?". In addition to the pollution that someone else answered, I think a major culprit is fingerprints, and for me it's the way I take them on and off - instead of using two hands and grabbing the spokes, I use one hand and grab the rim of the lens. That's probably not the best idea. But I already explained about the lazy part.
  • I experience the same problem... Your eye lids, eye lashes, and eye brows all produce oil, which gets on the lenses. The oil itself makes the lenses dirty but if left unclean with the oil on them, dust and dirt in the air can stick to the oil on the lenses and make the problem worse... I suggest alcohol-lens cleaning cloths... Hope this helps... :D
  • maybe the dust gets on them
  • Try contacts

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