• It depends on the woman. Question is, would you respect a woman that would sleep with you on the first date, or respect her more for waiting and wanting to know you better?
  • Hmmmm Could you imagine her getting Pregnant on the FIRST date and then they don't want to see each other anymore OR HE isn't ready to be "Daddy" etc ....
  • Depends upon the person... overall, most women prefer to wait. Getting to know one another a bit more shows both are serious about the relationship.
  • Sometimes some women want to have sex on the first date. And may of us have had one-night stands. As a general rule, I prefer to wait a little bit.
  • having sex on the first date is NOT making love...that would have to come later
    • dickw60
      Sex is a physical occurrence and does not equate love which is emotional occurrence. It is best if enjoyed together but it is not necessary. This is why swingers enjoy sex but does not incur the love emotion. Swingers know that sex washes off but love lasts.
    • christiangirlann
      I would only do that with a man I was married to.

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