• Life is a bed of roses but, look out for the pricks. Says that i stay away from pricks..:)
  • "Take time to smell the fishes." And I don't know what it says about me, what do you think?
  • "IM BORED" it says i can get bored realy easily!!
  • mine changes by the minute, apparently. I disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it. - Voltaire
  • "I watch as our reflections dance". It can mean any of these three things. They are all similar. 1) Person A is secretly in love with person B, Whenever person A is with Person B, all person A can think about is the amazing times they could have together, but for whatever reason Person A is too afraid or shy to express their feelings. 2) Person A and B are in a relationship and whenever they are apart they think of each other and all of the great times they have together, and dream of when they can see each other again. 3) Person A and B have just broken up. Person A constantly thinks about person B and all of the wonderful experiences they had together, but then person A must realize that all he/she has left of person B is memories.
  • I will not relent, No, never live with defeat, never faulter! Its like the air that i breathe, I will not choke on failure I am a mortal man but im not falling im not broken yet! I am a mortal man but i hold tight to my beliefs now! lyrics by: All That Remains
  • the apple didnt fall far from the tree (i dont say it often) it says i have the same argumentative attitude as my mum
  • "A warrior's greatest weapon is and always will be, wisdom, therefore we should keep our minds even sharper than we keep our swords." Tokugawa. ... it says about me, that I prefer to just think & talk & not use my deadly skills unless absolutely required ...
  • I heard this at the end of a television show. It always tried to highlight the strange and unusual things in life. They would investigate aliens, paranormal and more. "It's a strange universe out there, but we have it covered". It tells us there is always something strange to learn about and who knows what is next.

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