• Depends. Did the 'law' have the right to interfere in the personal and religious beliefs of a citizen and her offspring? Or has Nanny Gov't become so powerful that none of us have our basic freedoms anymore?
  • Hopefully life in prison, 'cause that woman is an idiot.
  • treatment should be up to the family, or the boy, not the judge.
  • You know, I am not of the same faith as the Hausers, but I have a child with cancer. I lost a childhood friend to cancer. I've nursed my mother through six years of chemotherapy and lost her. I've made friends with some of the other parents whose kids had chemo with mine and watched their children fight bravely and die. This hurts my heart. I know the odds are better with Hodgkins Lymphoma than with others, but chemo is HORRIBLE. If this child would rather take the chance of dying than go through it, I can't fault him. Truthfully, I think if the judge wants to force this child to have chemo, that judge ought to roll up his sleeve and take a dose of it himself and see if he still can stomach forcing the boy to have it. I watched my mother take the first dose of chemo and come home and go face first in my couch on not move for a week. She was just starting to be able to eat a little on the sixth day, and then it was time for another dose. She stood it off and on for six years and then one day she couldn't do anymore. There were still drugs they could use, but she just couldn't do it anymore. She knew the chemo was the only thing keeping her alive. She also knew she was losing the battle and she would have to take chemo as long as she lived. She preferred dying. There isn't only one way to fight cancer and not everyone wins with cancer. Has anyone even asked if he has a good relationship with the oncologist? Maybe he doesn't trust his doctor. Who are we to dictate which medical treatment he must have? This is a family matter. Truthfully, as old as that boy is, the choice should be his. None of us gets out of here alive. How about letting him use the life he has as he wants to?
  • If he dies, I imagine she would be charged with negligence, if not murder.
  • Probably negligent homicide.
  • She would live the rest of her life knowing that she caused her son's death. Parents have the right to raise their children in any way they see fit. Some religions forbid medical help. I have never understood this myself. You will recall in the Terry Schiavo case congress intervened and tried to get the Supreme Court to prevent letting her go, despite that she had been living in a vegetative state for many years. Common sense won out. Most all parents I know would give their lives for their chldren..these parents put religion above their child's I said, I shall never understand that. :(

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