• It is the caveman's mentality. Men are supposed to be dominant. I am a guy, but I know that is not true. there are a lot of stuff where women are superior to men and vice versa.
  • As long as we have sex afterwards you can win any game you are 18 right?
  • It's in their nature to be competitive
  • Depends on the occasion. If it's a competition then no one likes losing regardless of gender.
  • Guys don't do that. Or at least the ones I know don't. I know there is a stereotype male that is supposed to get mad at that, but those are the types the feminists get upset about - the rapists, chauvinists and pigs. The civilized, educated, enlightened men like me don't get upset when a girl beats them - they get a rematch. lol.😍😌😋
  • That's what happens when guys don't see it coming.
  • they are sooks !!!
  • Such guys get mad at everything, not just girls. It's what we in the professional community call a "red flag".
  • I didn't realize that still went on. As a child - many decades ago - I was trained by society and my fellows that boys/men were better than girls/women. We were better at school. We were better at sports. We were better at driving. We were better at earning money. We were stronger, faster, other words: more able and more capable in nearly every way. *** Like I said, I didn't realize that sort of cultural indoctrination was still going on in the U.S. *** PERSONALLY I realize now that, though the typical guy is stronger and faster than the typical gal, that the "smarter" thing has not been determined scientifically (either way - oddly, more women than men at college these days, quite a startling shift in the statistics since my days at uni), and that there are at least individual gals that are stronger, faster and/or smarter than myself. *** SO, the guys who get mad when a gal beats them at a video game have the idea - probably not well-formed - that they have been humiliated by a lesser creature than themselves, an inferior sort of animal. And if their fellows find out, they will not only feel humiliated, they will actually BE humiliated.
  • guys get mad when women beat them at ANYTHING! Guys think they are the superior gender. And due to testosterone, they are wired to be competitive. so the anger really isn't personal, it's genetic!

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