• The owner of what? The dog or the house?
  • You are not the owner.
  • BOTH the owner of the House and the Owner of the dog are liable .....
  • This is why you should carry renters insureance just for this are liable if your dog bites someone.
  • the owner of the house. we have renters insurance so can there still be legal action against the owner of the house?
  • If your dog bites someone ... you are liable. It's your dog. I would suggest you get renters insurance or some kind of liability insurance to cover yourself.
  • This depends on the jurisdiction and the facts regarding the incident. In most states the owner of a domesticated animal is not automatically liable for a bite. Rather, even if you are bitten, liability still depends on whether you were negligent. Some states have implemented strict liability for dog bites. In those states, the owner will be strictly liable. As for the owner of the house, in most states the answer is no. Moreover, no state makes the owner of a house strictly liable for the torts of their tenants. In the states that do make the homeowner liable, they are generally only liable if: 1) they had knowledge of the dogs viciousness, and 2) had the ability to remove the dog.

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