• The labor is pretty painful & intense, but one gets over it.
  • Honey, it's painful. But remember, EVERY mother in the world has endured it and so will you when that time comes.
  • Having a penis means I have no direct knowledge. However, I have two children & if what I witnessed is an indicator, I personnaly am quite happy leaving that particular experience to the vaginally blessed!
  • YES! But its soooo worth it in the end.
  • I've been told it's like shittin' a watermelon. That sounds painful to me.
  • Most painful thing I have ever been through in my entire life.
  • Yes. Imagine someone grabbing your stomach muscles and ringing them out. Meanwhile, take your worst back ache and multiply it by about five. That's normal childbirth without complications.
  • Yes, it is. But woman have done it for centuries. The end result is worth it. If it really scares you, tell your doctor. There is no shame in getting an epidural to help you through. I had one, so have hundreds of thousands of women.
  • well i've had excruciatingly painful menstrual cramps all my life, and I've been told that the pain is similar to that. can anyone tell me if that's true??
  • well i think it just depends on the levels of birth u give. mine wasnt soo bad...hurt like crazy after and i had back labor with no meds. some ppl say it doesnt bother them at all. all i know is when ur baby arrives u will tottaly forget the pain if any.they all say it hurts but u wont remember the pain when its over and they r right.good luck.
  • I really have to say it wasn't. Could be I was soooooooooooo excited about having this baby finally that I didn't notice the pain so much. I mean YES there is pain but it wasn't PASS OUT sort of pain. . I got a Tattoo when my son was 6 yrs old and let me tell ya, I'd give birth again before I would EVER get another tattoo. It was on my ankle and that was INTENSE pain!!! . So no it isn't super duper bad. But then again we all have different pain tolerances. +5
  • It's as painful as kidney stones, I know that. Though I haven't been through kidney stones I know people who have and it's not fun. :P Either way, having children is pointless. So..yeah. :)
  • it hurts yes. It makes you wanna go postal on anyone who looks at you and says "it'll be alright" b/c you just know you are going to die and when you do, you're taking the sonnabitch who did this to you and all those standing around you telling to "breathe" down in a blaze of glory like never seen before. But, when that baby arrives, the pain all melts away.
  • Yes, but its all worth it. I had forgot about all the pain the minute I saw his lil precious face.
  • Yes, labor is like period pain only 1000 times worse, but it's all worth it in the end. It's a pain you forgive but don't forget U_U
  • I thought so. My first child I had without an epidural. It was the worst pain I have had in my entire life! The next two I had epidurals and it was nothing! As a matter of fact, the nurses had to yell at me for running around and doing too much after my second child when I was still in the hospital. I was feeling it after the pain meds wore off though! I had many many many stitches ummm...It was seriously a painful expierence!

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