• As long as they are just "looking" I don't think she should complain. It is a natural thing for a man to look but NOT TOUCH! LOL +5
  • No they have no right to dress like that if they do not want to be looked at. That is teasing and getting mad about it. Those women make most look like tramps.
  • It does seem like a "contradiction" in attitude, doesn't it?!
  • Not at all. When they dress that way then at least their unconscious mind wants to attract looks.
  • I assume by overly sexy,some of their "stuff" is hanging out or clothing is seems to me that would be the goal of someone who dresses that way. Otherwise they would be dressed in a ladylike fashion. If you want to be treated like a lady, you dress/act like a lady. Simple. Logical. No-brainer! :)
  • Do they complain? I thought the whole point of wearing something overly-sexy was so that the guys would look.
  • look, no. touch, yes. +++
  • No... if comments are made and so forth then yes, I think so.
  • They will never get tired of either.
  • You always have the right to complain, but it is foolish to dress like that and assume guys will not look. I mean, whenever I dress sexy I want to have guys attracted to me. There is nothing wrong with looking at something beautiful. But there is a difference in looking and staring. I don't mind if a guy checks me out, but dont stand over me looking down my shirt or talking to my tits instead of my face. You have to have class.
  • Who decides what is "overly-sexy"? If you visit Saudi Arabia, any woman who leaves the house w/o an approved male escort OR shows her face in public is "overly-sexy" and may be stoned. Are you Muslim? At a nude beach, 100s of women lie on their backs, legs spread, to catch the rays. Are they "overly-sexy"? They don't think so. I don't think so. Nice to look at, but certainly not "overly-sexy." Are you going to judge which women's fashions are "overly-sexy" and which are acceptable? :)
  • If the woman complains, then YES she has the right to do it. So listen to her and do as she asks! Why shouldn't the woman have the right to her own life and the way she feels like dressing--for herself? She's CHOOSING to dress however she feels like--how does that somehow give the power over her own body--the right to basic privacy--over to whoever feels like leering at her? That's like saying that a raped woman was "just asking for it" by dressing like that. Guys have the asses hanging out, but I guess that means women are just "not that sexual" enough to care about it?
  • Only if it becomes leering.
  • I do not think how a woman dresses, should give men a right to be disrespectful to them. You can look at any woman with desire, but be respectful about it. I have never heard a woman complain that a man was looking at her, because she was dressed sexy.
  • no chance
  • Overly sexy for you may not be for them. Some may like to be looked at. Some may liked to be looked at and complain about it. Some may complain about not be looked at. Some may not kow how to look sexy. Some may look overly sexy even in a burlap bag. Some may want to be looked at only by those they want. Some may like to be admired but not see you lick your lips and you eyes fall out of your head. There a whole lot of variables.
  • Wow. You lot really know how to stur up a hornets nest with some of these questions lol. Everybody should be able to dress the way they like but human nature takes over after a certain point. Just some of us can control those feelings better than most, thankfully
  • Nope, they don't. That's not an excuse for men to be rude, however. +5

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