• don't take no for an answer. the more they get away with the worse it will get. bedtime is bedtime. bring a glass of water, read a story, and good night with a kiss. if they get out bring them right back, until they get bored of you bringing them back. i wish someone had told me that cause i learned from experience and it just gets worse as time goes on if you don't nip it in the bud.
  • Parental intimidation. "Get your ..........!
  • try a bed time story and or a back rub--that put me to sleep as a little one
  • Turn off the lights and the TV. No kid wants to be up alone in the dark, once his/her parents have gone to bed.
  • Exercise is the wonder sleep drug. If they are running around doing play/exercise, they will be so tired that they will fall asleep instantly, and it's good for them! (Of course, don't over-do it, but as long as they are willing to actively play it should be ok). That works for myself too. I've never met an insomniac who ran 5 miles a day. :)
  • LOL... I lost that battle... my son was born a night owl and no matter what I tried I could not change him... I final just bent my schedule to fit his...
  • I tell my son he needs to go to bed and not come out or he is grounded tomorrow for an hour or two, whatever I feel like at the time. (He is 11 btw) It works well for me.
  • this is a good question i have three boys 8,6 and 3 and they all have different reasons for getting back out of bed. they have a night light as my eldest doesnt really like the dark so thats my 1st threat..."dont make me turn the light off" and on the occasions when this doesnt work i tell them no treats for the next day ie wii, playing outside after school, sweets ect. i did find what helped me was made sure they all went a toilet just before bed, as they love this excuse, i go in2 there room kiss and hug all three, tuck them up and sit with them for a while so they are calm then leave and get back to me try to cover all the best excuses before they actually go. so if they go to bed at 8 start getting them ready around they are settled and excuse free by sleep time, it sounds like hard work i no but once its in your routine theres nothing to it. good luck
  • I never tried to have the kids sleep in a stall. Damn, you new parents have some great ideas!
  • My dad fixed us the one time we asked if we could stay up. He said, ok, but we HAVE to stay up, no sleeping. And we HAVE to stay seated on the couch. That was fun... for about 2 minutes, then we asked if we could go to bed.
  • I respond to every request, but mostly with a "It's not time for that, it's time for bed" I always have a glass of water and a night light handy, and the kids are allowed out of the room for bathroom breaks EVERY time they ask. I never let me kids cry it out or ignore them when they call for me, our bedtime routine is consistant every single night, weekends included. I have NO bedtime battles and rarely see my kids "stall" if they do seem to be stalling more than usual, it likely means theey aren't ready for sleep so I give them something to do quietly in bed until they are ready to lay down this is usualy books or coloring books and yes, even the 2 year old will lay down when she is ready.
  • No fights. Just send them to their rooms w/o any entertainment and tell them you need private time until morning - they can crash when they want to, but can't be being amused by anything.
  • stick to your guns! and dont let em give you an excuse, matter of fact dont even let em get a word out....set a specific time for things to be done, for example, brushing teeth, something to drink, shower and toilet. after that time limit hits...Too late!! its bed time!!

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