• No, it makes me forget theirs.
  • I did not start remembering my elder's birthdays unti... wait a minute... you might be on to something here *.*
  • Not really. If that happened I would be worried about them because they are clearly so caught up with something that they should forget their own childs birthday. I would definitely contact them and see if they were okay. I wouldn't make them feel bad or guilty about missing my birthday. If I felt like I had to say something about my birthday I would say, "I was worried about you. It isn't like you to forget my birthday, is everything okay?" Then you are likely to get to the bottom of it, that is what happened when I forgot my Dad's birthday one time. One time I was really ill and I completely forgot my Dad's birthday. If he hadn't contacted me he wouldn't have even known I was ill. It isn't like me to forget my parent's or my siblings birthday. I have had my birthday missed before but I know that my Dad was in a very strange place after my parents split up so I cannot blame him for it, I would just be worried that's all.
  • Parents grow up to be children, so we'll just have to take in in our stride when they forget our birthdays, or give subtle hints the day before. And, they forgetting our birthday does not give us automatic rights to forget theirs. But we do forget theirs too, don't we?

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