• you tell us
  • You've had brain damage. Go to a doctor as quickly as you can and be fixed.
  • You can't be, the fabric of the universe would have unravelled!!!
  • Maybe in your heart you are not a republican.One is not of one party just because their parents might be of one party.My siblings,myself included, have picked their own parties which were not of the parents.
  • You say you are a student, so how old are you? Do you live in a state where you actually have to declare party affiliation-for example in Texas you don't.
  • It was that Colbert-Steele rap battle that got you (off the) hooked...;-D... . . .
  • In the USA, in spite of the national myth that it is the land of the free, many, many people never actually choose a party affiliation, they just go with whatever their family has followed for generations.
  • You are against abortion, gay marriage and you think there is too much government in our money and not enough in our lives.
  • Was it something that happened at birth?
  • Only you can know the answer to this question. It seems rather like you have been brainwashed by your parents to me. Either that or you are also a selfish self serving twat with no social conscience who is happy to let the vulnerable members of society, rot in slums while other greedy self serving members of society mop up all the goodies by kicking everyone in their paths down and sit on their piles of gold like big fat kings in their kingdoms just to show everyone how great they are.
  • Because you're a student at Oxymoron University? ;)
  • greed, if your educated thats about it
  • First of all your description of you could be self-serving and untrue. It is subjective. Then there is the illusion/delusion that progressive, educated and critical are attributes of members of the GOP. There may be a few, but they are being drowned out, shouted out and stomped on by the extremists that have taken over the party recently. Happy Tuesday to you! :)
  • Because you've not actually gone out and worked for a living?
  • Perhaps you've recognized that there is a difference between 'feeling their pain' and actually doing something positive so they can take control of their lives and do something about it?
  • I suspect just another "loaded", political AB question. That's OK, some enjoy such and you're entitled. +5...notwithstanding.
  • Because you're still a student. Try the real world on for a while and get back to us.
  • That I don't know. Today's Republican Party is socially backwards (being against human rights for all citizens), doesn't seem to be able to tell the truth (for instance when spinning "Tax cuts for the very rich are good for the working class and poor" or "Universal access to medical care is communist"), and dangerously leaning toward theocracy. Having said all that, I don't think it was always that way. There is nothing inherently "anti-progressive" about being conservative. I think my grandfather, a firm and life-long Republican, would be horrified at what The Grand Old Party is today. So why do you think? +5
  • Because you believe that governmental help should be geared towards benefiting the individual rather than the community. Possibly? In general, right wing politics is about the individual and left wing politics is about the group.
  • You just stated all the reasons. Also, you must be logical, not willing to believe everything the media or your professors tell you, and have common sense. Note to Democrats: if you can come up with The Big Rock Candy Mountain, somebody has to pay for it
  • First off, I am not a Republican. Republicans believe that all people, when left to their own devices, will be productive; that hard-work & smart work is rewarded. ...That we should be rewarded based on contribution and merit. Competition and innovation are good. You reap what you sow. Any of this sounding familiar?
  • Do you also believe in a smaller goverment role, more consumer choice, and less taxation of your hard earned money? Do you believe that it is important for people to earn their own money, instead of governemnt run programs that exist from the extreme taxation of the wealthy?
  • Because you hate gay people, black people, or Hispanic people. Or because you have a belief that waste in government, and the elevation of the state over the individual are wrong (unless they're gay, black or Hispanic individuals). From what you've said in the question, I can't tell. Not enough information. The "critical" aspect of your personality will help you sort this out -- either by working for change in your party, or by changing parties.
  • Republicans are often educated, critical and progressive even - They want personal responsibility not a welfare state. The parts I don't get are re anti-abortion, anti-gay, pro-religion...

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