• Yes. Believe it or not, it does take two people to procreate.
  • He should be allowed to have an opinion, but when it comes down to it, it's an individual decision. The woman is the one "under the knife" so to speak, so it's her choice. If a man had cancer, and didn't want to operate, but the wife did, she can't make him have surgery.
  • Yes, it is his child also.
  • If the man is the father than of course he should...but not anyone else
  • Absolutely. Any man should be able to sue if someone kills his fetal child without his agreement.
  • yes, he should have a say, and the woman should also listen to the man in question and take into consideration what he wishes. but ultimately, it is the woman's decision, 100% +5
  • He SHOULD, but realistically, a woman that really wants an abortion will find a way to get it. Sometimes life just sucks.
  • He should have no say,but to agree if it's the question of the woman's survival and the woman has decided to abort the child in order to survive fatal consequences during the period of child birth.
  • yes unless it was a rape...It takes 2 to make a baby.
  • there should be no decision on abortion, it just shouldn't happen-but then there are those out there that just don't give a damn about life
  • no way man. bring on the DRs, but giving a man rights to the decision could eventually give rapists rights.
  • i think if he says he wants the baby and u want to abort it you shpuld have it and give him 100% custody
  • Yes -- when she asks his opinion. Which she is then free to disagree with. I am pro-choice, adamantly pro-choice, but if anybody tells you that this issue is lacking moral ambiguity or a gut-wrenching decision-making process, be careful because they're selling something. My personal belief is that abortion should be the option of last resort. That's why I support politicians who support sex education and the availability of birth control. That's why I support child care services and health care services and equal access to quality education. But at the end of the day, that might be my opinion, but it's not my body that's involved. It's hers. And that means it's her choice. I'll be happy to do everything I can to make it possible for her to either raise a child herself or place it for adoption. But at the end of the day, it's not my call. It's hers.
  • I think he should have some say but the ultimate decision should be the woman's to make. It is her body.
  • Nope...
  • Yes!!! Its our cum...Tricky Beeoutch.
  • No, but a man should be able to abort his parental responsibilities if he doesn't want the child - just like women can.
  • No, its the womans body, not his. He can make a baby with whoever he wants, and all he has to do is stick it in for 2 minutes. The woman has to carry it around for 9 months and go through all the hard stuff.

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