• Capricorn's are attracted to professional qualities in a person. Dress well, know what your saying when you say it, don't be loud or obnoxious, be reliable and be practicle. If a Cap likes you it is because you admire his work, compliment his efforts and his well known cleverness. He's an earth sign so make sure you give him much eye contact. Earth signs are physical, so that hand on his shoulder or gentle punch in the arm means more to him than others. Be sure your feet are as firmly planted on the ground as his or he will leave you behind in his pursuits and endevours. This is a succesful man. He praises his job and manages his money well. Be resourceful, that is very important. If he likes you he will treat you very hospitable and even take you out to dinner very early in your friendship. He will express it through the same physical gestures I mentioned before. He will notice your responsible actions and comment on them. Also, with earth signs, especially capricorn, a smile means ALOT to whom hes smiling at...if its you (the potential attraction) he will smile a lot if he likes you. Just keep it real and remember that a Capricorn male is the most responsible and hardworking man out there.
  • Look for that extra eye contact, and any and all physical contact. It takes a capicorn to know one.
  • This is a tricky one. Capricorns are very flirtatious and ahrd to pin down. But they enjoy intelligent conversation and witty banter. So if you can get him to fall in love with your mind, you've got him. Good look, honey!
  • When you ask him, he says he does. Ignore all that horoscope hooey.

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