• 5 to 6 years. We are on a trough now!
  • America will go through till about 2010. but some East Asian nations seem to already getting out of recession
  • I'm choosing to ignore it. My job and retirement savings are safe, and I ain't letting nobody from Washington convince me I should live life anyway but the way I choose because these stimulous packages and bailouts have failed. I took full advangtage of the 52 consecutive months of job and economic growth, so there is no need to participate in any recession. I plan to retire at age 55, in 15 years, and there is nothing President Obama or his staff could do to stop that. Nothing.
  • Until it's over, I'm willing to bet.
  • Are you asking how long will it last? If so, at the onset of a recession, and during, it's somewhat impossible to predict how long it will last. The major effects of the current recession, I'd say, began to show up in late 2007, with the housing market, a bubble, fell along with the stock market. There have been 11 recessions since World War II, the last in 2001. One of the positive trends in recent years has been the shortening of recessions. In the first half of the 20th century, recessions were typically half as long as economic growth periods, meaning the average recession lasted a year and a half. The last two recessions have lasted only one-tenth as long as their corresponding expansions, making their length only eight months. We've already exceeded that period with no real light appearing at the end of the tunnel as yet, notwithstanding the government's so-called "stimulous" efforts. Unemployment continues to increas and personal spending thus continues to go down. Getting money directly and quickly back into the hands of the people with, say, a broad tax decrease, a proven remedy of the past, should be given greater consideration, I feel. That might turn things around much more quickly than spending huge sums of money on things that are more social than productive, not to mention corrupt and vote/power-buying schemes that will economically enslave the generations to come. Right now, I think the administration and the congress are more interested in getting money into the hands of people in "high places" rather than us "no-counts" called taxpayers. +5
  • I hope it will take a year
  • we have to face 6 years before it will get better after 30 years of greed the next generation will need 20 years to pay of the debt that is if the save thus no chance of the stupic consumer led economical fake growth. not that godlman scach makes billions from trading where does that money come from? we are beeing lied and cheated by the gouvements and the banks

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