• well brains is good for an easy life and looks, tons of girls and people flater you at random. I got a little of both so I cant choose between em :D
  • Looks fade, but the right kind of brains will keep you laughing and happy for the rest of your life.
  • It would depend on the level of intellect. If I were of a very low intellect, I might not know if I was good looking or not, and be quite satisfied. Somewhere in the middle, I might think there is a meaningful difference regarding appearances, and be unhappy. At a higher level, I might realize there isn't, and be content. So somewhere in the middle, I might be tempted to trade some brains for looks... OH..OH... Now I've done it. I've just gone back to the lower level, where it didn't matter to me anyway, and I've traded my brains. Crap! This is so confusing! OK... I guess the only way to go, is to stay stupid, or get smarter. What was the question?
  • You can't help what you look like without a bunch of cosmetic surgery so worrying about that is a waste of time. Brains comes from knowledge. Anybody can learn. Anybody can think. Not everybody does it.
  • both haha
  • Brains. You can't improve your IQ but its not hard to improve your looks.

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