• hmm sounds like its time for eugenics and selective breeding.
  • bull. The US is under the impression that smart also has common sense and that is wrong. the smarter a person is in books the more stupid he is when it comes to common sense and general knowledge. Scientist are some of the dumbest people on earth.
  • They wouldn't. for such would get in the way of doing experiments. Scientists seek truth. Politicians seek to hide it.
  • I hope that he is not a mad scientist.
  • Sounds great, it would work out better than religion in my opinion.
  • There should be a 'separation of science and state' dogma same as separation of church and state. Politically influenced science is always junk.
  • Similar to what I think about politicians controlling science.
  • It will be a welcome break from people that believe in myths running the country. Church and state were never really separated and I don't think they will be anytime in the near future but I feel better knowing that sound reasoning and logical will be present to balance things out a bit.
  • Not s good!
  • I think it is a shame that myth and superstition interferes with legitimate scientific inquiry. It will lead the US backwards. Our educational levels and economy will suffer.
  • You mean like Noam Chomsky scientist?
  • It has nothing to do with a person being a scientist, an artist, a doctor, as long as this person has a talent to be in control, and has a bright mind.
  • Not so good. A scientist should do what he knows best, ie. the scientific field that he belongs.+3
  • Sounds better than Religion being in control of politics, but I think the best solution is to have a bartender in control of politics...
  • It's a hell of a lot better than politicians being in control of science! At least science attempts to do things rationally.
  • Has this happened? at least science is now part of our national dialog whereas the previous administration only picked and chose which science would be good. The rest was completely ignored especially if it didn't show a way to turn a buck. I sure as hell wouldn't trust policy makers to dictate science, but they did.

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