• Spit... I don't like to drink after other people...
  • Define weird? better yet whats normal?
  • My bed. I won't let anyone touch or sit on my bed (and that includes my mother) lol
  • i dont like different foods touchin on my plate
  • I mostly will not accept from others, I wanna do it myself regardless of what it is. lol
  • Foods that are outside of my comfort zone, like internal organs (liver, steak-&-kidney pie, haggis, sweetbreads). Fatty foods. And I even get a little queasy about meat that isn't beef, pork, or chicken.
  • My car. When I go to park it I have to turn the radio down, then turn the air off, unplug my phone, turn off the lights and lock the doors. All in that order, and I ONLY have my radio on an odd number. No even numbers!
  • Weird to one is not weird to another.
  • I feel weird if someone, except me or sombody who's not really realy really close to me, enters my bedroom.
  • Needles. I don't even want/like to watch other people get shots.
  • Cleaning EVERYTHING must be spotless lol
  • When I'm eating something messy like spareribs or Bar-B-Q chicken, I use about 1,000 napkins. I can't stand for hands to be sticky or grubby. It's my own little phobia.
  • Feet, people's feet absolutely gross me out. One example, I can't eat close to someone barefoot or wearing open shoes, Argh......... Disguting! :)+3
  • I don't like it when people throw and catch food in their mouths. For example....throwing grapes into a friends mouth or throwing up a malteser and cathcing it in your mouth. Just weirds me out cos i'm convinced somebody will end up choking!
  • Chicken-When I cook it I have to cook the crap out of it, it's always so dry, but I'm paranoid it will be undercooked. I ususally won't eat if someone else has cooked it. Teeth-I can't stand the thought of teeth breaking. The movie American History X, where that guy gets his teeth bashed in on the curb makes me want to throw up, and there's a Spongebob episode (my daughter is addicded) where Spongebob bites into a slab of marble. It just makes me cringe.
  • Body heat lol I'm training to be a nurse and I hate pulling off linen from a bed that has just been slept in because I hate the warm blankets. I also hate holding tubes of fresh blood samples. I'm trying to ignore it though lol
  • Giving a sperm sample without a hand from the nurse.
  • I know its stupid but I am so super scared of: June Bugs When I was little they used to be everywhere flying around...and they would land and you could see their eyes light up (turn blue) and they have those scratchy little arms...and they used to fly around and land on the back of my shirt...or my shirt collar, and fall down the back of my shirt, and I couldnt get em out...or like in my hair...and their legs would just cling, and they would buzz... Eeeeeeeehh, its giving me the creeps right now.
  • If I ever eat bread, I always leave a tintsy-wintsy little piece left. I never noticed b4 my husband told me, which made me really curious, why do I constantly do it. I figured out later. When I was a kid, I used to spend lots of time at my grandma's. She had chickens. I used to sneak some bread from a table and wait till I was allowed to go. Then I rushed to them chickens and fed them with the bread i brought. It all comes from childhood. PS A++++ for the question!
  • Subtitles. Even tough I'm not deaf, I love to watch movies and TV shows with English Subtitles.

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