• Life by the seat of my pants - Plans never survive first contact.
  • Alotta people say...if you dont plan, you plan to fail.. but I say... Plans always fail...I never once made a plan that didnt go wrong... So I just do they come, and im doin all works out good. Lifes gravy baby...and im never dissapointed with the outcome.
  • I had my life completely planned out until I was 31, then for some reason I just completely changed overnight. Since then I've made no plans and over the last 10 years it's resulted in me living and working in Hong Kong, Thailand, Oman, Egypt and China - and I've loved every minute of it.
  • Plans always fail... I just go with the flow...and lifes gravy baby...Im never dissapointed with the outcome...cuz my plan never fails... some people do say "If you dont plan, you plan to fail".. Thats a lie.
  • Plans are a way to make god laugh
  • Being a single parent, my life was pretty well planned out. Now that my family obligations are done; I relax and try to live my life with more spontaneity.
  • I had a life planned out. I got married as a sophmore in college and my life went to HELL after that. I wanted to join the peace corp. instead i joined the suburbian mind set.
  • I live from day to day as that is God's way as I may not have a tomorrow.
  • I do a combination of the two... I usually plan a general place I'd like to go in and then go with the flow in that direction. Life has no respect for even the best laid plans, so you have to be open to going off course.
  • I try to plan but most likely it'd fail.
  • I have more like a direction than a plan but with lots of room for changes and surprises.
  • Heck, I'm a 71-year old who has smoked for some 61 years! There's not a hellova lot of life left for me to "plan out", yo. But I DO have my departure planned, however...and it's gonna be one hellova BIG PARTY. +5
  • I usually plan within the next 6 months to a year of my life. It's not a terribly detailed plan and I can still have moments of spontaneity but I just like having an idea of what's coming up next. Beyond the next 12 months, I have an idea of some things I'd like to end up doing but all of them are open to change. I don't really plan for big life events, I don't tend to say things like, for example "by the time I'm 35 I want to have done XYZ" or anything like that.

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