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  • No, but I would definitely love to. If there are any going on in Melbourne Australia, I'd love to know when and where!
  • No. If I had, the party may have shut down early after all the girls took a look at me.
  • Yes quite a few times and women love it if they are in a safe position.
  • It wasn't exactly a party but I think this fits. One time I was drinking with my wife and her two sisters. After quite a lot of alcohol my wife started bragging about my dick to her sisters. They didn't believe her and she told me to talk off my pants. I did as I was told and took them off. While they were all sitting around staring at my cock I couldn't help but start stroking it. They all got a real kick out of that and after a while they started taking turns rubbing my dick. Eventually I came off over one of her sister hands, which she decided to lick clean. My wife was good enough to lick the cum of my dick herself.v
  • No but I have sunbathed naked next to a friend in a bikini, stepped out of bed in front of a clothed female friend & been naked (in a non sexual context) in front of several clothed females.
  • Yeah. And vice versa.

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