• I was kicked out for racist abuse on these muslim.
  • Not very much! I was a good student! Did what I was supposed to; i.e. studied hard, wanted to learn, pleasant to be around. But I DID skip class once and got caught! So. . .I had to go to detention after school. Never did it again. Four years went by very quickly, I'm happy to report, !
  • Where do I begin.
  • Yes, I was disruptive with my friends in class. We were loud and I was probably the loudest and most disrespectful. I got in trouble a lot and dont recommend that path, it was really stupid. I got suspended a few times for such behavior, my parents were tired of punishing me. I cut school, smoked in the girls bathroom with my friends, stayed out all night, etc. I swear, if I have a daughter like me... I'll kill her!!!!! lol ;))
  • man, have you got a few hours?
  • No, I have never got into trouble when I was in school.
  • I got sent to the principles office once a year from grade school to my senior year in high school for talking in class. I thinks it's had a negative effect on my adult life though, now I don't talk as much as I use to =(
  • I can't. They are still looking for the culprit!
  • Every year in high school I got suspended for having marijuana or marijuana paraphanelia. Once I had a smoke out off school grounds during lunch and I came back reeking of pungent weed and everyone smelled it in the classroom lol! Good times.....
  • Never, not one time. I was actually a good kid.
  • I WAS the class clown....end of story!
  • I was the kid who was on the leadership committee and editor of the school paper. I'd tell one group I was at the other and vice versa and then ditch school. Never got caught.
  • When I was real young, I went to a strict Catholic school and one day I slid down the bannister and a nun caught me. I had to sit in detention in the convent until my dad came to pick me up - scary!
  • Yeah, I was always finding new ways to get into trouble. I probably spent half my time at the principal's office. :)
  • I got suspended from school once for 3 days when I was a sophomore for getting in a fight.
  • I got in trouble way too much. Didn't start until Highschool though. I was suspended a lot for ditching class (which if you ask me isn't a very good punishment for that). I was also in trouble a few times for smoking weed. I was in the dean and principals office a lot, and was eventually expelled at 16 :-/
  • I had a mother who would have killed me if I got into trouble, so I tended not to too much. I remember getting detention for talking and behaving so well afterwards in the hope that the teacher would change her mind- fortunately she did. After that, I learnt how not to get caught so easily- it didn't mean that I didn't misbehave. I just got better at making sure mum never found out.
  • Some kids pushed me down a flight a stairs, so when I got up I broke his nose. I got suspended for a week and because his dad was on the school board he got nothing by claiming it was an accident.
  • I used to cut class and not do my homework. Things were much simpler in the 70's. LoL

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