• My cat, which really is a kitten comes up to me and rubs he's nose and chin on mine. Then he licks my chin. If you ever been licked by a cat you know how it feels, like being licked with coarse sandpaper. He does this every morning to me. I'm the only one he licks, he will rub he's face on my wife's but not lick. He like's the taste of me I guess. lol
  • My cat wakes me up like that. Occasionally I wake up and he's licking my nose. I don't know what it's about but its very cute.
  • My cat always rubs his face agains our hand, he's very sweet.
  • That is so sweet, he is being affectionate. My cat's name was Tigger too (he died 7yrs ago).
  • Yeah! And that's the way I interpreted it, also! How cute! Cats can be very sweet! Well. . .I love ALL animals; especially "baby" animals.
  • My beagle Stanley (pics at link) does that too. Sometimes he gets enthusiastic so you get a wet dog nose on your lips, plechslpubbluh....
  • I think that your calling this a "cat kiss" is right on. My cats do the same thing in such a loving way.
  • It sure feels good but my cat never did that. But it's ok,she always plays with me.
  • In the wild cats do something called a "head butt" they touch foreheads as a sign of greeting and respect. I suspect your kitty has not quite discovered that yet and uses his nose. Try tilting your head down a little and see if he presents his forehead to you instead of his nose. Also around the mouth and under the nose are glands. When a cat rubs you with their snout, (mouth, nose) they are leaving their scent on you from those glands. You are their teerritory. No matter what the definition is, its a wonderful feeling and you are fortunate to have such an affectionate little kitty. If you want to try another fun thing with Tigger, when you are up close and personal like that, close and open your eyes verrryyyyy slowly. You will see he will do the same thing.
  • Yep, my cat does that and its soo cute :D She does it to wake me up sometimes and if i ignore her she replaces her nose with her paw. Kitty kisses are sweet x
  • We do that!
  • Yep. :-) I adopted him from a rescue group when he was about 6 months old and he was very skittish -- they said they got him from an abusive home. If I sleep a little late (as defined by PCBT -- preferred cat breakfast time), I usually get awakened by a nose touch or a paw pat on the cheek if the first doesn't work. LOL.
  • It is a kitty kiss.
  • My younger cat does that. The older one head butts me and likes to smell and bite my hair.
  • Lucky you. MY cat's take on sharing scent with "family" members got warped into the "head bang" thing that some cats do so well. Sometimes she literally draws her head back before going in for impact! But she's so little it doesn't hurt. Walking across my face on her way out of bed hurts a little.
  • I'll put my face close to my cat's face and say "give me a kiss." And usually his nose will touch mine. It IS so sweet ... BUT, I'm quite sure he's just giving the tip of my nose a little sniff!
  • My cats all do something similar. A touch of noses, a little lick on the nose, a head butt or head rub on the chin. I think those are all "cat kisses."
  • Fantastic Friday to you Rosie+. Yes - whatever the reason, in my heart I choose to think he's giving his mom a little kiss!
  • My cat shoves his winker on my nose. Just before sleep at night (he sleeps next to my pillow), he does that turning around thing to get settled in, but he likes to hover there when he gets in the worst possible juxtaposition. I have a theory he does this on purpose, as I sometimes hear him snickering.

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