• I mock the people I encounter at work all the time. Most of them don't deserve it as much as drug dealers. He was off duty, at a bar drinking, and he has an opinion. You think he's an ass, that's your opinion. I think people who find this to even be a story are childish.
  • Unbelievable! What a disgrace. This is the kind of police officer that gives police a bad rap. Shame on him. He should be fired.
  • While i may not agree with his actions, i dont think he should get in trouble, he was talking to his friends at a bar, and he wasn't even on duty. The only reason anyone found out about it was because someone was rcording him and posted it on youtube, possibly without his permission.
  • Believe it or not, but cops are human too. - They'll likely hang him out to dry.
  • That happens to be one of those professions that creates a dark sense of humor. Try being a cop for a while and see how your personality changes.

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