• Try using a color safe bleach and wash the jeanes again ....
  • You didn't mention having actually washed those pants in detergent. I would try that. Twice if necessary. I would also use Ammonia. It cuts oils and cleans very well. Just don't mix with chlorine bleach. It will make a poisonous gas.
  • vinegar gets the smell off from my hands after fishing.
  • I don't know if this will work on material or not? But stainless steel gets any smell off skin. Try buying one of those hand de scenter thingys at your local home good store.
  • I use lemon juice to get rid of the smell of fish. Squirt enough on the spot to soak it and let it sit overnight, then wash again.
  • As it is oily, you need to soak it in some liquid detergent for washing.
  • Lemon juice, maybe. (But no tartar sauce)
  • I must just ask: WHY?? why did he put a fish oil capsule in his pocket? does he not realise they are supposed to go in the mouth? Or... was he hoping to use it as a suppository? Try lemon juice! I must just add - a friend of mine insisted on serving us some salad one evening (after we had been out for a drink - goodness knows why she thought salad would be the thing to eat after a loadof drink, but never mind) She had run out of salad dressing - and decided to make her own - she had the vinegar, but had no oil - so..... yes... she squeezed open enough cod liver oil capsules andmixed them with the vinegar. Yep. It is as you imagine!
  • Have you tried rubbing baking soda into it? Or soaking it in baking soda and water?
  • lemon juice will get rid of the smell. Pour lemon juice on it and rub it in and before it dries wash it.

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