• Gun control is a steady hand.
  • It should be difficult for people to get them so they don't get into the wrong hands, but not impossible. Also, the authrorities hould not be scared of them.
  • I control my guns just fine. I dont need any help.
  • It doesn't stop criminals from getting guns.
  • I don't think that wanting to control who gets a handgun and restrict semi-automatics is anywhere NEAR the first step towards saying you have to stop hunting deer. Apples and oranges. I despise the paranoia that SOME hunters are trying to spread without clearly seeing the real issues.
  • Works for my country.
  • first there is no real gun controll, if you outlaw them they will come in just like drugs or alcohol during prohabition its a waste of money and time.
  • You can have all your hunting guns and rifles. I say no to all hand guns and military rifles and guns. No automatic weapons. You can't tell me that the crafters of the Constitution would have allowed some of the guns and rifles that are available today. And can you imagine what will be available in 10 or 20 years, let alone, 100 years. Let's be rational about it.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      The crafters of the Constitution didn't put the 2nd Amendment in for the hunters. It's there to provide a protection from the government.
  • I'm all for it. I own my guns and I control my guns. Other people own guns and they control their own guns. If the government wants to control guns, then they can control the guns of the military, us civilians can control our own. :-)
  • It is the subject that has perhaps the lowest ratio of light (rational discussion) to heat (loud bloviating) of any I've ever encountered. The simple fact is that, except for some real nutty extremists, NOBODY wants to take all private guns away. Conversely, except for a few nutty extremists, NOBODY thinks that private ownership of bazookas, artillery, tanks, etc. is a good idea. So, essentially EVERYONE believes in 'gun control' of some sort, they just differ on the specifics. Yet people on either '35 yard line' of this debate act as if everyone downfield of their position is a nutball extremist. . . .
  • I believe it removes a powerful deterrent to crime. The fear of the unknown. The criminal who chooses to mess with a law abiding citizen has no way of knowing if maybe there is a gun present. But if guns were illegal, he can be quite confident a law abiding citizen will be unarmed. The less plentiful something is, the more power it has over us. It's just a natural law of humanity. With fewer guns, criminals will have MORE power, they will become MORE brazen, not less.
  • If you take the guns away from the people, then only the bad guys and cops will have guns. Somebody starts breaking your door down at night, not afraid, because he knows nice and law abiding citizens can’t own guns, but he has one. What do you do now. Write to your Congress Man. Too late, because you just got shot and killed. All you out there who wants to take away our guns. Think about it. About all the scenarios that could happen. The bad guys know you cannot protect yourselves and family because the law says you can’t own one. but he has one. Who’s going to protect you and your family if some hoods decide to go on a murderous rampage. The cops can’t be everywhere. Or by the time they get to you, it’s won’t matter anymore
  • I'm all for it. Which means insuring that the laser sight is adjusted properly. We couldn't ban alcohol, we couldn't ban drugs, what makes so many fools think we can ban guns?
  • drugs are illegal but they are here. if they take my LEGALLY PURCHASED AND REGISTERED GUN away what stops frank or julio from come over and shooting me?? its stupid but yet obama is still trying to take them away. thats why palin would have been a better choice NRA NRA NRA NRA NRA NRA NRA NRA NRA NRA NRA NRA NRA it cant be put any better
  • It worked for Hitler. I will give up my guns, all they have to do is take them.
  • guns should be banned . those who think they control their guns today may be but what about tomorow when all go wild the less guns the less likely you are to be shot . simple truth
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Chicago has some of the strictest guns laws in the country. And the highest homicide rate. Besides that, you can't ban guns here in the US, the US Constitution says so. It's mentioned right after your freedom of speech.
  • 9-9-2017 Gun control means hitting what you are aiming at.
  • i think its a good ideq and i think they should do away with guns altogether
    • Hardcore Conservative
      If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns.

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