• yeah and i just think of it as a compliment x
  • well, as a girl who always had a big (but not jiggly) butt, I'd say start doing squats, lunges, deadlifts and eventually your ass will tighten up and he can suck it (not your butt, but suck IT).
  • Well, did he mean it as an insult or does he like big and jiggly butts? If he meant it as an insult then that is definitely not cool. I had a boyfriend who felt the need to mention to me when I put on a few extra pounds, at which point I responded that there was now more to love. He couldn't handle it, so he was dismissed. Not saying you should dump your guy, but don't make any changes YOU are not comfortable with.
  • yes! my ex said my ass was big (tho i always get comments bout it from other guys) ex said he was a bum man and bum men like 'skinny bums' well thats bullsh!t cuz mine wasnt skinny and usually they loved mine! i was insecure for the rest of the relationship about it! ugh some men can be so insensitive! point is- dont listen to him! my bf could not have been more wrong about mine! i had a guy once pretend to propose over mine lol! so i bet there are trillions that love yours! I know it doesnt help cuz its not nice to think that the one your with is critising you! he prolly didnt mean it in a bad way...still, u should be proud of it and love it anyway! is he cruel in other ways? does he put u down for other reasons?some men do it bcuz they are jealous and dont want u to feel too good about urself cuz they are insecure and think u might leave?! some are just assholes and really superficial and so not worth it! how long have u been together for? if someone loves u, they shouldnt put u down in ANY way! including the way u look! how old are you? sometimes young guys are stupid and inexperienced and can only go off and compare you to stupid retouched images in magazines! (not that he should compare you to anyone anyway!) and if someone loves u...u are perfect in their eyes! and u become gorgeous in their eyes because they love you so much!
  • If you exercised your but would be round and firm but your probly on of those good looking girls who are fortionate enough to look good in clothing and never have to work out, so your butt is soft and jiggly undressed. try a step master. I don't mean to sound rude but if you want to be frim you need to work at it.
  • hahaha yeah i got told i used to be fat
  • If I were you I'd tell your boyfriend to kiss it, and get over it. hehe And yes, I've had people try and bring me down too, but I just don't listen to it because thats what they want you to do.
  • Yeah, though not in a relationship. He didn't necessarily mean it in a bad way -- the only way someone's butt isn't going to be jiggly to a degree is if they exercise all day and every day. If he meant it as an insult, well, he's a douchebagel and needs to get over it.
  • Your bf is a shallow ass. Dump him
  • Yea and I can tell you now that he said that because he has caught guys checking you out and looking at you. He is jealous.
  • i get told im fat all the time and i have abs it makes me feel =]
  • Well first boyfriend says the same thing(although I don't think mine is big or jiggly). But you could do some butt workouts if it bothers you so much. I'm sure he likes it...that was probably a compliment but guys don't know how to say the RIGHT things sometimes. You should think of the way he said it...did it sound like he was disgusted or thrilled...etc. Guys like big butts! Don't take it personal. At least you have a butt right?!
  • My soon to be ex-husband told me my butt was as big as the stove I was standing in front of. It wasn't. I turned around & told him if he didn't like what he saw, he could hit the road. He did. Good ridance to bad rubbish. You don't need any man putting you down.
  • I like big jiggly butts
  • Ask him to clarify his statement b/c he might like things the way they are. If it was an insult I would let him know how I feel and go from there.
  • it was not meant to upset you. he likes your butt big and jiggly. it was a major compliment. dont be self conscious.
  • Dump the boyfriend, he doesnt appreciate what he already has, a guy like that is no guy to marry and have kids with, you will be constantly trying to fit his image and that will be impossible because hes unrealistic in what he wants, dump him, find a real man.
  • My boyfriend says that I have a big butt. I`m fat and I should loose weight.We`ve been dating since 10 months. He hides me from his family and old time friends, because he thinks they would not like me couse of my big ass. I`ve never met any of his family. It bothers me! Why do i have to loose weight and train like an olympic champion just to slim down my wide hips. I have slim waist but wide hips, a pear shape. I go to the gym 3 times a week, I eat well and feel healthy. Why is he so superficial? He is very toned and fit, he works out 7 times a week.
  • maybe you should get another boyfriend that dont talk to you like that

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