• There are lots of sick puppies with no life on the Internet. When doubt, look to a Christian for an answer. They seem to be the ones compelled by their gods to shove their shit down your throat whether you like it or not
  • they nail me all the time to so when I seea negative that I think shouldn't be I give points +4
  • It doesn't really matter why because you can't do much about them. Maybe they don't like one of your answers, maybe they don't like you avatar. Who knows. Trolls for the most part are very insecure bullies and because they are online they can "stalk" someone as long as they feel like putting in the time.
  • Well if they DR me someone else is having a break :D Just laugh at it I do :D
  • Some people are just jealous, especially of those rising through the ranks. Others are just assholes, like at school who decide they don't like you for no logical reason whatsoever, not necessarily because you have done anything out of the ordinary. I can't see you as being the type of person to upset anyone on purpose. Please don't let it get you down, contact AB feedback and switch off your ratings for a bit until it gets resolved.
  • There is no rhyme or reason for trolls, dear. They are cowards who work in the shadows and feel powerless in thier own lives, so even a tiny DR button gives them a little bit of power they just cannot refuse. A lot of time they remind me of lost puppies looking for someone - anyone - to follow around and cling to. When you have a troll, just ask a COAT or a trusted friend to take care of it. That's what a self-run community does!!!
  • How long is a piece of sting, well thats another mystry!!
  • I know it can be annoying, sorry to hear about that, are there any "Troll Police" out there? lol
  • +5 I'd suggest you just turn off the point acknowledgment and ignore them. You probably made my troll mad when you commented on him. I think he has several sock puppet accounts. I like to "tweak" him every once in a while but it doesn't upset me at all to get downrated. I think that just makes him madder. hee hee
  • Because Trolls are just natural born Douchebags and lead a miserable pathetic existence.
  • I get trolled on any of the political questions that I answer. Another AB'er once referred to me as the Queen of political DR's I get hit so hard on that catagory. But its okay, it doesnt bother me that they DR. I named my political troll, Charlie :) Give yours a name too. It makes it kinda fun that way :D
  • just because I follow you doesn't mean I'm a troll ;)
  • who or what is a troll ..i thought it was mythology for a friendly scandinavian dwarf
  • I'm not a troll, and slow down your moving too fast. RUGTYPOT?
  • Trolling can be extrem fun for the person doing it. I dont troll on AB, but i do troll other uptight websites with BS terms of service, like Yahoo,and let me tell you it is soo fun to see people loose their tempers over trivial issues. In short trolling is done for fun and to get back at people

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