• Absolutely - they are great for any garden. Aerate the soil, break it down, fertilize it etc. Heck - they even SELL pounds of worms at some garden centers. Just pitch them on teh ground - ir it's too dry though they would appreciate it being sprinkled as they dehydrate fast, plus it makes for tougher digging. One caveat though - don't use any toxic sprays if you want to get the full benefit from them.
  • I do not see why not! They are wonderful little creatures - churn up the soil mix it up - if there are no worms, there is no growth, as my mother use to say
  • Yes, if the soil has moisture in it. But if you soil is hard packed, wait until you put some water on it and then add them near night time so they will not dry out trying to burrow down and also not when birds are hungry in the mornings.

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