• I would simply tell her that sometimes men love women and women love men for partners, but sometimes men love men and women love women for partners.
  • If at any point in this conversation she shows that she is unconfortable with the direction of the conversation, let her know that you realize this is awkward for her, as it is for you, but that it is very important she receive full answers to her questions, and if it would be more comfortable for her to speak with her pediatrician or family doctor, you would be willing to make an appointment for her to speak to her healthcare provider in private, to ask any questions she may be too shy to ask you.
  • Wow...rough question, at her age...depends on whether or not you have had "the talk" with her...if not, then you at this point need to sit down with her and explain human sexuality to her, beginning with the changes she is about to experience as she enters puberty, what can and most likely will happen if she is not very careful in her responses to the attentions she will be receiving from boys over the next few years, proceeding on to physical relationships between men and women (making it clear to her that those acivities are reserved for adults only), and then explaining to her that sometimes men prefer to have physical/emotional relationships only with men, and women with women. If at any point in this conversation she shows that she is unconfortable with the direction of the conversation, let her know that
  • Sure, it's no different then the idea of straight that I'm sure she's pretty used to. By 10, in fact, I'll bet she's seen it on TV and heard about it at school any way.
  • Tell her.
  • I think she's old enough. She asking about it, so yeh..give her some information. You might want to have some reading material that she could read.
  • Just tell them the truth. Say: "Nature made it so that men like women, so that they can have kids. But sometimes, this doesn't happen because men like other men instead of women and only women can have kids." If they ask why, then say: "Because women are different inside." then show them a book where the baby is in the womb and say: "Women have that. Men don't. You need to have that to have a baby because that's where babies are made."
  • At ten keep your answers simple. Give the child just as much information as she seems to want. If you know your child well that should be easy to judge. hawaii.jake's answer is a good one. Telling her sometimes men love women and sometimes men love men may be all the answer she wants right now. If she wants to know more I suppose you might have to consider what else you want to tell her. My personal experience is this. Give children the answers they are asking for. Do not use silly stories about birds and bees or babies coming out of the oven. It sounds silly and only sets you up as a liar once they do learn the truth. Something that undermines your relationship with your child in the long run. Call body parts what they are. A penis is a penis not a peepee. Let them know that sex is a wonderful but sometimes confusing thing even to many adults and that it is also something that should be considered and planned for and done at appropriate ages. Treating this subject with the appropriate mix of facts, empathy and even some humor will build a foundation of trust and respect with him or her. Letting them know you can be trusted to respect their feelings about issues that confuse them or that they are struggling with will make it more likely that they will continue to be honest with you.
  • whip open a dictionary for her and sit down with each other and talk about doesn't have to be associated with homosexuals you know... i'm kind of surprised that your 10yr old doesn't know what it means.. most children by that age just talk about things like that.. among other things that you probably wouldn't like to hear. you should tell her so if a classmate disrespectfully makes a remark about how something is "gay", your child could then respectfully reply back the actual meaning of the term.
  • You tell her that some men love other men, some women love other woman, just as a man can love a woman just as a woman could love a man. What a whirlwind. What else?
  • If you think you child is enough to hear about sex education now then go ahead, but if you don't think she is at the age to hear 'sex education' then leave it until she is a little older.
  • Tell her everything with a concience satisfied cuz she can't be a gay with your telling inspiration!
  • I agree with "lovebettafish" answerer - depends on your daughter's maturity level at 10 year old. You know your daughter. I you decide she is mature enough for this topic tell her in the basic term the difference between gay and non-gay.
  • The truth
  • Just say "Well that's a gay question" and walk away - she';; thank you later.
  • My nephew, aged 6, was just back from a visit to france. He told me that he had seen lots of Homos on the streets. This concerned me a little. I asked him for a definition. He told me that there were men begging on the street. Ah! I said! You mean Hoboes! But he insisted, saying they were called homos! (He was one of those little kids who was always right). So, I told him that "homo" was a word to describe something else entirely. Oh? He said - and asked what that was. I told him that it was an unkind word used to decribe men who like other men. Oh! he said, and then continued: "In France we saw lots of hoboes!"

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